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Analysis of gate papers

Analysis of GATE EE Previous Papers for Subject Signal and System

Aspiring engineers who are preparing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) understand the significance of thorough preparation and comprehensive study resources.

Through a meticulous examination of previous years’ question papers, we aim to provide you with valuable insights, key trends, and effective strategies to excel in Signal and System for your GATE exam.

GATE EE Syllabus for the Subject Signal and System

Representation of continuous and discrete time signals, shifting and scaling properties,

Linear time-invariant and causal systems, Fourier series representation of continuous and discrete time periodic signals,

Sampling theorem, Applications of Fourier Transform for continuous and discrete time signals,

Laplace Transform, and Z transform. R.M.S. value, average value calculation for any general periodic waveform.

Analysis of Previous GATE Papers for Signal and System

YearPercentage of Marks
20228 %
20218 %
202010 %
20194 %
201810 %
201510 %
20148 %
20134 %
Overall Percentage of the Subject in GATE Paper

Recent GATE Paper Questions of Signal and System

The following questions have been asked from Signals and System , in GATE-EE 2023

Q. Which one of the following is/are TRUE?

(a) If LTI system is CAUSAL, it is stable.

(b) If Impulse Response 0 < |h(n)| < 1 for all n. then LTl system is a stable system.

(c) If discrete LTI system has impulse response h(n) Of finite duration the system is Stable

(d) A discrete-time LTI system is causal if and only if its response to a Step input |h(n)| is zero for n < 0.

Q. A signal x(t) 2 cos(180 \pi t) cos(60 \pit) is sampled at 203 Hz and then passed through an ideal low pass filter having cut-off frequency of 100 Hz. The maximum frequency present in the filtered signal in Hz is (round Off to the nearest integer).

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