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About Us

Welcome to the Unique Learning Ecosystem

What is the Need?

In India, Engineering students appear for their University exams eight times in a four-year study. Also, the number of students appearing for the GATE, PSU, and technical exams is increasing year by year.

However, the online resources available for this segment are neither organized nor compelling.

Mediocre Resources

Noninteractive Learning Medium

Uninventive Peers' Content

What do we Offer?

We are determined to build a pioneer “University Learning Ecosystem” which will cater every academic need of an Engineering-graduating student in India.

We believe that graduating students should be enthralled with developing their skills and ensuring the highest academic productivity at the same time.

Who are We?

We are a team of educational enthusiasts aiming to avail a fresh and productive approach to your graduating journey!

Milind Chapekar

The Head of Academic Content loves to make the learning experience better. Postgraduate in Engineering who brings diversified experience in process optimization with impact-driven decision-making.

Tushar Zalke

A management graduate has more than a decade of business & brand development experience in renowned multinationals. He is a passionate digital marketer who firmly believes in applying the “Converting Clicks to Customer” strategy in business.
Amit Malewar

Amit Malewar

A full-stack developer with hands-on technical skills. He loves to code day and night and handles all the technical stuff behind the curtain. Along with his tech proficiency, he strongly supports a sustainable society.

Manish Ramteke

Engineering & MBA graduate from Mumbai university brings diversified exposure to startup financial strategies, which are used to influence operational strategy. He loves to spare his time in cricket and organic farming.

Payal Bele

Technical Editor
Electrical Engineer, proficient in electrical circuit diagramming and simulation. She is responsible for onboarding the technical data with HTML. She loves to have fun and interact with people.

Rohini Bansod

Content Expert
A keen academician with all heart having MTech. Degree from a prominent college. She takes care of content development which ensures apt experience to the students. Outside of work she loves cooking while listening to music.

Pooja Shende

Management Accountant
A Master’s in Commerce, she has a proven expertise in identifying and implementing business accounting and auditing principles that supports our financial objectives. She is an amid traveler.

Komal Dhenge

Social Media Manager
A Master’s in Computer Applications, she got into digital content creation and intrigued by the upsurge of social media marketing. Today, she is in-charge of representing our company across the social platforms.

Tushar Deshmukh

Content Advisor

Rahul Ghanmare

Content Expert

Vidya Nagalwade

Technical Editor
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