LinkedIn Insight Are Measured Value and True Value the same?
Are Measured Value and True Value the same

Are Measured Value and True Value the same?

Measured value and True value of the meter appears to be the same. But they are not. Let’s see what exactly the difference between them. As a GATE aspirant preparing for Electrical and Electronic Measurements, you must be crystal clear with this difference.

Measured Value v/s True Value

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In Engineering field, we use different types of meters to measure different types of quantities. And regarding to the readings of meters, we must have heard about measured value and true value. Prima facie they appears same. But they are not.

Consider one electrical network, where one resistance is present with a battery. Now lets say we want to measure the potenetial difference across the resistance. Then we need to connect the Voltmeter across the resistance. Right?

Now, the instantaneous reading shown by the voltmeter is nothing but the measured value of the voltmeter.

Now, lets assume that you have taken multiple readings by repeating the same experiment. Then average of all readings is nothing but the true value of that voltmeter.

So, we can define as follows.

Meausured Value

The instantaneous value shown by the meter is nothing but the Measured Value.

True Value

The average of group of measured values/reading is nothing but the True Value.

Remember always, measured value should be as near as true value for minimal errors.

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