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Electrical Engineering (EE) | Topic-wise Previous Solved GATE Papers | Electrical and Electronic Measurements

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This course presents the Previous GATE Solved Papers for the subject Electrical and Electronic Measurements of Electrical (EE) branch.

You may be ready for the GATE exam with all your preparation and are looking for the tips to boost up your GATE Score. Or you may have started preparing for the GATE and you don’t want any mess. Well! In either cases, authentic solutions for previous GATE questions would be your number-1 choice.

So what if you could get the exciting course which would present you error-free solutions of the past GATE questions prepared by experts. Such course would not only make you more confident but also eventually boost up your GATE Score! And what if, such course is absolutely FREE! Wow!

YES! It’s not a dream. You can totally get this!

You already might be knowing the importance of Electrical and Electronic Measurements . It carries 2 to 3 questions in almost every GATE Papers. Have a look at the syllabus.

Syllabus for Electrical and Electronic Measurements (Electrical)

Bridges and Potentiometers, Measurement of voltage, current, power, energy and power factor; Instrument transformers, Digital voltmeters and multimeters, Phase, Time and Frequency measurement; Oscilloscopes, Error analysis.

How much important is Electrical and Electronic Measurements for EE Students?

If we analyze last GATE papers, we can surely find two to three questions of Electrical and Electronic Measurements every year. We would say, the level of difficulty is moderate. For the Electrical students, Electrical and Electronic Measurements could be one of the scoring subjects for GATE.

Each instrument requires separate fundamentals. But, once you get theme of the the subject, it could hugely boost your GATE Score. And to have proper grip over the subject one must not overlook the importance of Previous GATE Solved Papers.

Importance of the Previous GATE Solved Papers

“Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

GATE is considered as one of the toughest exams with severe competition. For any national Examination like GATE, one needs to be focused and should have proper preparation strategy.

Previous GATE papers with authentic explanations would certainly help you a lot to form proper planning and to make your preparation for the GATE Exam entire.

So, ready to take a leap in GATE 2022? Check out, what is inside?

Topic-wise GATE Solved Papers Electrical & Electronic Measurements (EE)

Inside the course, you will find all the previous GATE questions with standard solutions that are related to the subject “Electrical and Electronic Measurements” of the Electrical Branch. We have categorized the previous questions and solutions into following topics for easy reference.

  • Basics & Errors
  • Galvanometers
  • Potentiometers
  • AC Bridges
  • Energy & Power
  • CRO
  • Transformers

Why don’t you peek inside the course? Keep scrolling down! Sample lesson doesn’t need login!

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Course Content

GATE-EE Solutions for Electrical and Electronic Measurements | Basics & Errors
GATE-EE Solutions for Electrical and Electronic Measurements | Galvanometers
GATE-EE Solutions for Electrical and Electronic Measurements | Potentiometers
GATE-EE Solutions for Electrical and Electronic Measurements | AC Bridges
GATE-EE Solutions for Electrical and Electronic Measurements | Energy & Power
GATE-EE Solutions for Electrical and Electronic Measurements | CRO
GATE-EE Solutions for Electrical and Electronic Measurements | Transformers

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