Pro Electromagnetics Course for GATE Electronics and Communication

Fundamentals for Electromagnetics, GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)

Pro Electromagnetics Course for GATE Electronics and Communication
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Fundamentals for Electromagnetics GATE Electronics and Communication is an innovative course for GATE EC/ECE aspirants to achieve a better GATE score.

What will you get from Fundamentals for Electromagnetics GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering Course?

Fundamentals! Each and every concept to master the Electromagnetics for your GATE exam.

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Dear GATE ECE aspirants, do you hate Electromagnetics to study and keep it for the last in your line of preparation?

Well, you are not alone. 99% of GATE EC aspirants keep Electromagnetics as a last element while preparing for the GATE Syllabus.

One of the biggest reasons for such disliking of Electromagnetics by most of the GATE Electronics and Communication students, is lack of fundamentals required by the Subject. Yes! Lack of Fundamental concepts.

Most of the GATE ECE directly jump to the EM Wave Propagation. Well, the reason is quite obvious. Your official ECE GATE Syllabus starts with Maxwell’s Equations and Plane Wave i.e. EM Wave Propagation. And of course your mark fetching topics of the Electromagnetics in your GATE EC paper are Waveguides, Transmission Lines and Antennas. So, why would you waste your time studying Coordinate Systems and all!

But, dear GATE EC aspirants, remember that without the thorough knowledge of Basics like Coordinate Systems, Gradient, Divergence and Curl OR Electrostatics and Magnetostatics; you cannot survive in Electromagnetics. How could you understand the boundary condition at the walls of the Waveguide if you were not familiar with fields in media? The EM wave equation could be scary unless you know each and every detail of Maxwell’s equations. The antenna derivations would be impossible without the in-depth knowledge of the Spherical Coordinate system.

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.” This famous quote by Mr. Abraham Lincoln is rightly applicable for your EMT or Electromagnetics preparation. If you really grab the Electromagnetics marks of your GATE EC paper, then you must have your fundamentals very clear. Without these fundamentals, you can never master the EMT and you will always have a lack of confidence while attempting an EMT question in your GATE paper.

This course makes you the master of all the concepts needed for the study of the subject Electromagnetics for GATE EC paper so that you would not lose a single mark for this subject in GATE 2022 exam.

Electromagnetics is an abstract subject and demands a lot of effort to master it. But, with this course you will not only master the EMT but also grab the precious marks in the GATE Exam.

Best Awesome Teaching

This is the best course available to the GATE Electronics and Communication aspirants for acing Electromagnetics.

Taught by founder, Mr. Milind Chapekar, whose pedagogy skills are already winning the hearts over the internet.

Learn Feel the Electromagnetics

Electromagnetics GATE Electronics and Communication

Electromagnetic Fields is based on abstract visualizations. Our lecturers are equipped with world-class 3D animations and VFX which make the learner not only confident but also curious; which ultimately results in thoroughly understanding the subject.

Many students hate Electromagnetics due to its abstractness and difficulty level. But with the unique teaching skills and awesome visualizations, this course will make you PRO. We guarantee that you will think, “Why have I not been taught like this before?”

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Secure your dream GATE EC rank not by skipping but winning the Electromagnetics.

How can you preview “Fundamentals for Electromagnetics GATE Electronics and Communication” course?

Don’t just rely on what we say. Make your mind only after previewing the course. Unlike many others, you can preview what you will be exactly getting. In other words, the free preview of the course consists of random footages from the actual content. You can preview the random footages of the actual course in two ways.

  1. Visiting our YouTube Channel.
  2. First Tab in the Course Content below.

Good Luck!

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