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4 (C) Signals and System Topic-wise and Full Subject Tests

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This course presents “Topic-wise” and “Full Subject” GATE Exam targeted Test Series, for the subject Signal and System of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (EC) branch.

Following are the Exams you will get, once you enroll into the Course. The validity of this Test Series Course is 365 days.

Topics-wise Tests

Topics Number of Tests
LTI system 2
Fourier Series and Fourier transform 2
Laplace transform and Z transform 2
Transmission of signal , DFs,DTFT, sampling and miscellaneous 2
Topic-wise tests will consists of Exams containing 15 questions for 30 minutes.

Full Subject-syllabus Tests

Topic Number of Tests
Full Syllabus: Signals and System 2
Full Subject-syllabus Tests will consists of Exams containing 30 questions for 45 minutes.

You can attempt the Exams in any order, but it is strongly recommended to go in the sequence with proper preparation of the topics.

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