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In-depth Content by Best Faculties

Our esteemed faculty members possess unrivaled expertise in their respective fields. They bring a depth of understanding to every piece of content they create; which is highly needed for GATE preparation.

Electric Circuits Power Systems
Electromagnetic Fields Control Systems
Signals and Systems Electrical & Electronic Measurements
Electrical Machines Analog and Digital Electronics
Power Electronics Engg. Mathematics

Innovative Test Series

Our GATE Test Series is meticulously designed to provide you with a comprehensive exam preparation experience. It covers all the essential topics and question types that you are likely to encounter in the actual GATE examination.

Extensive Question Bank All-inclusive Solutions
Subject-wise Tests Real Exam Simulation
Full-Length Mock Tests

Last 25+ Years PYQ’s Solutions

Our collection of PYQ’s (Previous Year Questions) solutions spans over 25+ years of GATE, providing a comprehensive archive of exam questions from various examinations. You can access a vast range of questions and their detailed solutions to enhance your exam preparation.

Extensive Coverage Exam-Focused Approach
Insightful Solutions Practice and Revision
Familiarize with Exam Format Identify Important Topics


ODD stands for On Demand Doubts. You can get your questions answered in real-time. Once you enroled into the programme, you will be added to the WhatsApp group where our faculty members offer personalized learning support, tailoring their explanations and guidance to your specific needs.

Convenient and Accessible Enhanced Learning Experience
Collaborative Learning Community Confidentiality and Privacy
Boost Confidence and Learning Efficiency

3 Years of Validity

All inclusive

Your Teachers/Mentors

Milind Chapekar

He is an Electronics Engineer with Masters in VLSI with more than 10 years of teaching
experience for Engineering Curriculum, GATE and ESE. He has cracked GATE exam with 99.23 percentile in 2012. He founded GRADplus with a vision helping more and more students to achieve their dream GATE rank and PSU Govt. Exam Career.

Dr. Shilpa Sambhi

She has over 25 years of experience as a professor and skill-based trainer in Engineering Colleges and Automation Industries. She holds a B.E. in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, an M.Tech in Industrial Automation & Robotics from U.P. Technical University, Lucknow (now AK T U), and a Ph.D. from SRM Institute of Science & Technology. She is passionate about teaching with great attention to detail, especially for exams like GATE.

Rohini Ramteke

She is an Electrical Engineer with a Master’s in PEPS with more than 8 years of teaching experience in Engineering Curriculum, GATE, and ESE. She has handled various electrical subjects but she has a keen interest in Signal Systems and Measurements. While teaching these course, she made things simple and specific so that you would not lose a single question of this subject in your GATE or equivalent Exam.

Rahul Ghanmare

He is an Electrical Engineer with Masters in IPS. He has more than 15 years of teaching experience for Control System Engineering. With his strong background in Electrical Engineering, he loves to tackle Control Systems for GATE, ESE and other competitive exams.

Dr. Mudita Banerjee

She has over 8 years of experience teaching Electrical Machines and Power Systems for degree and GATE. She holds a B.E. in Electrical Engineering , an M. Tech in Power Electronics and Power Systems, and a Ph.D. with specialization of Power Transformer Protection. She is passionate about teaching Machines with minute details, for any technical competitive exams.

Ratiranjan Behra

He is an accomplished electrical engineer with a Master’s degree from the
prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhubaneswar. Throughout his academic journey, he has honed his expertise in various areas of electrical engineering, with a particular focus on GATE exam preparation. He is well-versed in the GATE syllabus and have an in-depth understanding of the subjects and concepts covered in the exam. My strong academic background and experience enable me to provide comprehensive coaching and guidance to aspiring GATE and Govt. Tech. Exams’ candidates.

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