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GATE EE 1994 Electrical Circuits Q 7

Superposition principle is not applicable to a network containing time – varying resistors. (True/ False). Ans. False Explanation: The Superposition principle is applicable on both the time variant and time invariant resistors.So, the given statement is incorrect.

GATE EE 2018 Electrical Circuits Q 1

The equivalent impedance Zeq for the infinity ladder circuit shown in the figure is a)j12Ω b)-j12Ω c)j13Ω d)13Ω Ans. (a) Explanation: Z1 = j9 Z2 = j5 – j1 = j4 Solving above equation we get, Zeq = j12

GATE EE 2017 Electrical Circuits Q 1

The equivalent resistance between the terminals A and B is ________ Ω. Ans. 3 Ω Explanation: Consider the following circuit daigram, After rearrangement We get,

GATE EE 2016 Electrical Circuits Q 8

In the circuits shown below, the voltage and current sources are ideal. The voltage (Vout )across the current source, in volts is a) 0 b) 5 c) 10 d) 20 Ans. (d) Explanation:

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