GATE EE 2015 Digital Electronics Q 2 - Grad Plus
GATE EE 2015 Digital Electronics Q 2

GATE EE 2015 Digital Electronics Q 2

Consider the following Sum of Products expression, F.

F=ABC+\overline A\;\overline BC+A\overline BC+\overline ABC+\overline A\;\overline B\;\overline C

The Equivalent Product Of Sums expression is

a) F=\left(A+\overline B+C\right)\left(\overline A+B+C\right)\left(\overline A+\overline B+C\right)

b) F=\left(A+\overline B+\overline C\right)\left(A+B+C\right)\left(\overline A+\overline B+\overline C\right)

c) F=\left(\overline A+B+\overline C\right)\left(A+\overline B+\overline C\right)\left(A+B+C\right)

d) F=\left(\overline A+\overline B+C\right)\left(A+B+\overline C\right)\left(A+B+C\right)

Ans: (a)


The expression SOP in k-map is given as

So, POS form can be formed using ‘0’s from the K-map

POS=F=\left(A+\overline B+C\right)\left(\overline A+B+C\right)\left(\overline A+\overline B+C\right)

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