LinkedIn Insight Is the energy meter indicating, recording or integrating?
Is the energy meter indicating type, recording type or integrating type

Is the energy meter indicating type, recording type or integrating type?

Electrical and Electronic Measurements deals with measuring various parameters with different instruments. In addition, you should know the type of each and every instrument. Let’s see what is the type of Energy meter.

What are Indicating Type Instruments?

Indicating type instruments are measuring instruments that provide a visible or audible indication of the quantity being measured. These instruments are used to display the measurement value and can be either analog or digital in nature.

For exmaple, the voltage value shown by the voltmeter, current value shown by the ammeter etc.

Notw that, the insicating type instruments just indicates or displays the measured quantity at that instant of time.

You can watch the quick video below or read along.

What are Recording Type Instruments?

Recording type instruments are measuring instruments that provide a continuous record or graph of the quantity being measured over a period of time.

For example, recording a wide range of variables, including temperature, humidity, pressure, and acceleration.

What are Integrating Type Instruments?

Integrating type instruments are measuring instruments that measure the total quantity of a variable over a specified period of time.

Whenever we are using this type of meters, what that meter will do, it will integrate. It will add all the quantities for the particular period of time. Acyaully, they are used to measure cumulative values of a quantity and are important in many applications where the total amount of a quantity is of interest.

For exmpale totalizers.

Energy Meter falls under the category…

An energy meter is a type of measuring instrument that is used to measure the amount of electrical energy consumed by a household or a building over a period of time. It is also known as an electricity meter or a watt-hour meter.

It measures the energy we are consuming i.e. whatever the energy consumed by your electrical appliances for a period of one month is measured by Energy meter. Based on that you need to pay your bills.

So, energy meter adds up all the reading for the given interval of time. So, obviously it would fall under the category of Integrating type instruments. Isn’t it?

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