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Elements of Mechanical Engineering (18ME15)


Time-3 Hours

Maximum Marks- 100

Note : 1. Answer Five full questions, chosing ONE full question from each module.

2. Use of Thermodynamics data hand book is permitted.


Q.1. a) Explain briefly the principle of conversion of solar energy directly into electrical energy in a solar cell. [10 M]

b) Write a note on wind energy and its conversion. [10 M]

Q.2 (a) Explain 1st law of thermodynamics. List the similarities and dissimilarities between work and heat.[10 M]

b) Define the following terms in relation to steam.

i) Dryness fraction

ii) latent heat

iii) Degree of superheat

iv) saturation temperature    [10 M]


Q.3. a) Differentiate between water tube boiler and fire tube boiler. [04 M]

b) List the boiler mountings and accessories and also mention their uses. [06 M]

c) with neat sketch explain the working of Babcock and Wilcox boiler. [10 M]


Q.4 a) with a neat sketch explain the working of Pelton Wheel. [10 M]

b) With a neat sketch explain the working of a Reciprocating pump, state the advantages and uses. [10 M]


Q.5. a) Differentiate between two-stroke and four stroke engine. [04 M]

b) explain with neat sketch construction and working of 4-stroke diesel engine with the help of theoretical P-V-diagram. [10 M]

c) A four stroke single cylinder Diesel engine piston diameter 250 mm and stroke 400 mm. The mean effective pressure is 4 -bar and speed is 500 rpm. Diameter of the brake drum is 1000 mm. The effective brake load is 400 N. Find IP, BP and FP. [06 M]


Q.6. a) What are the properties of good refrigerant? [04 M]

b) Explain with neat sketch working principle of vapour compression refrigeration. [10 M]

c) Explain the following. [06 M]

i) Refrigeration effect

ii) Ton of refrigeration

iii) COP

Module- IV

Q.7. write a note on application of ferrous and non-ferrrous alloys. [06 M]

b) Define composite material. State the advantages and applications of composite material. [05 M]

c) differentiate between soldering, brazing and welding. [09 M]


Q.8. a) Differentiate between open and crossed belt drive. [06 M]

b) Enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of gear drive over belt drive. [06 M]

c) Derive an equation for length of belt in open belt drive. [08 M]


Q.9. a) Explain the following operation on lathe with suitable sketches :

i) Turning

ii) Knurling

iii) Facing

iv) Thread cutting   [10 M]

b) Explain the following operation on milling machine with suitable sketches: [10 M]

i) Form milling

ii) Angular milling

iii) Gang milling.


Q.10. a) Differentiate between open loop and closed loop systems. [06 M]

b) Define robot. write down industrial applications of robot. [04 M]

c) Explain the components of CNC with a block diagram. [10 M]

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