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Basic Electronics Engineering- Engineering-Pune-May 2018



(2015 Pattern) (Semester – I & II)

Time : 2 Hours
Max. Marks
Instructions to the candidates:
1) Figures to: 50the right indicate full marks.
2) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
3) Assume suitable data, if necessary._

Q.I) a) Define rectifier circuit and mention its types. Draw and explain any one with waveforms. [6M]

 b) Draw a circuit diagram of CE amplifier. State the function of each component in the circuit. [6M]


Q.2) a) Explain constriction of Enhancement type N-channel MOSFET. [6M]

b) Draw and explain Voltage Multiplier circuit. [6M]


Q.3) a) Find output voltage of op-amp circuit shown in fig. below. [6M]

b) Draw 2 input Ex-OR gate, write logic equation and implement using basic logic gates. [6M]


Q.4 a) Draw and explain circuit diagram of Astable Multivibrator using IC 555. Write equation for frequency of oscillations. [6M]

b) Draw block diagram of Microprocessor and Microcontroller. [6M]


Q. 5 a) Draw and explain block diagram of Digital Thermometer. Mention two applications. [7M]

b) Compare active and passive transducers. [6M]


Q. 6 a)Explain in detail: [7M]
i) Construction of DIAC.
ii) Characteristics of DIAC.
iii) Modes of operation

b) Explain in detail, the selection criteria for transducer.  [6M]


Q.7 a) Explain the elements of communication system with the help of block diagram. [7M]

b) Write a note on co-axial cable and optical fiber cable with neat structural diagram. [6M]


Q. 8 a)Explain the basic structure of mobile phone system. [6M]

b) A carrier signal 20sin(2π x 104t) is used to modulating signal 10 sin (21πx103t). Determine the modulation index for the modulated wave and draw the frequency spectrum for AM wave. [7M]



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