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Elements of Civil Engineering-Engineering-Aurangabad University-Summer2015

F.E (ALL) – Year Examination June– 2015
Element of Civil Engineering

[Time: Two Hours]
[Max. Marks: 40]
“Please check whether you have got the right question paper.”
i) Question No.1 is compulsory.
ii) Attempt any two questions from the remaining question.
iii) Draw neat sketch wherever necessary

Q.1 Attempt the five [10]

a) Define geodetic surveying

b) Define reduced level

c) Define magnetic meridian

d) Define fire demand

e) Enlist types of dam

f) Define water shed

g) Define screening

Q.2 a) Explain principle of survey. (to work from whole to part) [05]

b) The following consecutive readings were taken with a dumpy level & staff. 3.325, 3.050, 2.755, 1.575, 0.625, 3.575, 2.875,1.255,1.785,0.795,0.780. The level was shifted after. 5th& 8th reading. B.M is on R.L of 245.755m calculate R.L of all the points by plane of collimation method. [10]

Q.3 a) Explain in detail types of bench mark. [05]

b) Explain process of chaining [05]

c) Convert following W.C.B to R.B [05]
i) 400 30’ ii) 1160 15’ iii) 2300 45’ iv) 2770 49’ v) 3380 10’

Q.4 a) Explain incremental increase method [05]

b) Draw and explain treatment unit flow diagram  [05]

c) Forecast population of a city by incremental increase method for next three decades from the last
known decade [05]

YEAR:  1940  1950  1960  1970
POPn: 8,000  12,000  17,000  22,500

Q.5 a) Explain roof top rainwater harvesting [05]

b) Explain multipurpose irrigation project [05]

c) Write down necessity of irrigation [05]

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