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Programming in C-Computer Science-BSC-Nagpur-Summer-2019

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Semester—1 Examination
COMPUTER SCIENCE (Programming in C)

Optional Paper—1
Time : 3 Hours
Maximum Marks : 50

N.B. :— (1) All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.
(2) Draw well labelled diagram wherever necessary.


1. (A) Explain modular programming structure with suitable example. [5M]

(B) Draw a flow chart to find largest of three numbers. [5M]


(C) Explain sequence programming structure. Write different characteristics of algorithm. [5M]

(D) Write an algorithm to display sum of digits of given number :
4632 Þ 4+6+3+2=15 [5M]


2. (A) What are the primary data types supported by ‘C’ language ? Explain. [5M]

(B) Explain rules for naming variable. Differentiate between while and do-while statement with example. [5M]


(C) Explain various operators supported by ‘C’ language. [5M]

(D) Write a program in ‘C’ language to print Fibonacci series i.e. 1,1,2,3,5,8…… [5M]


3. (A) Write a program to illustrate function with argument and no return value to find sum of two
numbers. [5M]

(B) Explain array. Write a ‘C’ program to find out the largest element in a given one dimensional
array. [5M]


(C) Explain different components of function with suitable example. [5M]

(D) What is recursion ? Write a recursive function to find factorial of a number.
(n) = 1*2*3*…….* (n–1) * n. [5M]


4. (A) Explain the difference between structure and union. What is nesting of structure ? [5M]

(B) Explain command line arguments. [5M]


(C) What is file mode ? Explain various file opening modes. [5M]

(D) Define pointer. How is it declared and initialised ? What are different arithmetic operations that
can be used with pointers ? [5M]

5. (A) Explain different symbols used in flowchart. [2½M]

(B) Explain switch statement with syntax. [2½M]

(C) Explain any two string handling functions with suitable example. [2½M]

(D) Explain f printf( ) and f scanf( ). [2½M]

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