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BSc. Communication Skills- Mumbai-April 2017


Communication Skills

Sem : 1

[Time : 2???????? Hours]
[ Marks: 75]
Please check whether you have got the right question paper.
1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary and state the assumption made.
3. Answer to the same question must be written together.
4. Numbers to the right indicate marks.
5. Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.
6. Use Non-programmable calculators is allowed.

Q.1 Attempt any three of the following. (15M)

a) Explain how concreteness and clarity help in effective communication.

b) Explain the process of communication through a diagram depicting the essential components of the process.

c) State the advantages and disadvantages of grapevine communication.

d) What are the two major forms of non-verbal communication? Explain any one.

e) List and explain the steps needed for managing cross-cultural communication.

f) Discuss the need for using technology in business communication.


Q.2  Attempt any three of the following. (15M)

a) Briefly explain the five major stages involved in writing effective business messages.

b) Explain the various types of business proposals based on target audience.

c) What are the main components of an effective introduction?

d) Discuss the role of non-verbal cues in conversations.

e) Explain the two types of interviewing techniques used by companies.

f)  Write instructions for a new student on how to get from one part of your university to another department.


Q.3 Attempt any three of the following. (15M)

a) Mention any five advantages of teleconferences.

b) State the various purposes of team presentations.

c) “Briefing and public speaking differ in their style of presentation”- justify.

d) What is the role of human resource communication in an organization?

e) What are the main contents of the minutes of a meeting?

f) Enlist the non-functional roles in group discussion.


Q.4 Attempt any three of the following. (15M)

a) Write a note on basic communication model.

b) Distinguish between the collaborating and accommodating strategies of conflict resolution.

c)  What is the role of a professional communicator?

d) Briefly explain any two ethical perspectives.

e)  What are the different benefits of advertising?

f)  Discuss any one referencing style.


Q.5 Attempt any three of the following. (15M)

a) Explain the plain stage in detail.

b) Write a short note on concept map.

c) State the importance of creating outline in executing stage.

d) Explain how graphics help in presentation.

e) Give the guidelines for typography.

f) Elaborate the use of templates in visual communication.

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