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B.Sc. Communication Skills-Mumbai-November 17


Communication Skills.

Q.P. Code :00898

Sem : 1 November 17

[Time: 2 Hours
Marks: 75]
Please check whether you have got the right question paper
NB 1 All Questions are compulsory.
2 Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary and state the assumption nude
3 Answer to the same question must be written together
4 Numbers to the right indicate marks
5 Draw at labeled dugem whenever necessary
6 Use Nonproteammabig calculator is allowed

Q.1 Attempt any three of the following. (15M)

a) Explain the importance of completeness and correctness of detective communications?

b) What are the different roles of Manager Exemplum?

c) What are the different forms of non-verbal communication? Explain with examples o Explain the internet types of spontaneous menus

d) Discuss the cross-cultural communication strategies

e) What are the different criteria for selection of appropriate technology to business communication Explain


Q. 2 Attempt any three on the following. (15M)

a) Dirk the factors to be considered at the planning stage of business  Writing.

b) You are applying for admission to management college you are required to write a composition of about 300 words women your n seeking the admission Draft your object.

c) What audience analysis? What is critical? How can effectively used by an organization while issuing instructions?

d) What is listening? What are its different types? Explain

e) “Language plays an important part in effective presentation” Agree or disagree? Justify your View?

f) Explain the different nonverbal aspects in an interview?


Q. 3 Attempt any three of the following. (15M)

a) What is a Conference? How it planned and conducted? Explain 

b) List and explain the different formats of group discussion?

c) What in briefing?  What are its different types? Explain each it brief? 

d) Discuss the preparatory steps involved in team presentations

e) Explain direct and indirect selling? 

f)   Discuss the human resource communication in Indian Industries


Q.4 Attempt any three of the following. (15M)

a) State and explain the different traits to be embedded into the corporate Communications Strategy.

b) Explain intercultural negotiation with an example. What are the file-cultural negotiation skills?

c) What are the basic principles of ethical communication followed by corporate houses?

d) Discuss the AIDA model for advertising

e) How are effective paragraphs developed? Explain?

f) What are the different referencing styles? Explain with examples. 


Q.5 Attempt any three of the following. (15M)

a) How is brainstorming done while planning the presentation? Explain

b) What are the steps to be carried out during the “Plan stage of the presentation? Explain

c) Explain the “Execute” stage of presentation

d) What are the different types of graphics used in a presentation? Explain.

e) What should be done to make a presentation impressive? Explain

f) Why should there be practice before a presentation? Discuss

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