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B.Sc. Communication Skills-Mumbai-April 18


 Communication Skill

P. Code : 30244 715

Sem 1 April 2018

Time :- (21/2 Hours)
[Total Marks: 75]

N. B.1) All questions are compulsory
2) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary and state the assumptions made
3) Answers to the same question must be written together.
4) Numbers to the right indicate marks
5) Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.
6) Use of Non-programmable calculators is allowed

Q. 1 Attempt any three of the following :   (15M)

a) State the importance of Clarity and Courtesy for effective communication.

b) List the benefits and limitations of grapevine communication
c) Write a short note on ‘Chronemics

d) Enlist and explain any five variables of national cultural differences faced during cross-cultural communication.

e) Discuss in detail the various criteria necessary various  criteria necessary to choose an appropriate technology for business communication.

f) What is Netiquette? List any six guidelines that must be followed when using Int ernet. 

Q. 2. Attempt any three of the following:  (15M)

a) State the differences between direct approach and indirect approach to business messages.

b) Write a letter to ‘ABC Solutions’ inquiring about CCTV cameras for installing in your college   premises  with their quotations.

c ) What are the formatting requirements to be kept in mind while creating charts and diagrams?

d) What are the contents of the following components of a business proposal:

1) Executive summary             2)Project description

e) Explain the two types of electronic résumé.

f) What are the different types of interviewing questions?


3. Attempt any three of the following:  (15M)

a) What are the strategies required to hold effective meetings?

b) Explain any two Group Discussion (GD) format with an example.

c) Enlist the key points in the process of briefing. What are the communication activities in medium-sized projects?

d) State the importance of communication across any one functional area.

e) Explain follow-up briefing with an example.


Q. 4 Attempt any three of the following:  (15M)

a) Communication planning is a must during crisis’-Justify.

b) Explain with a diagram interactive communication model Explain the role of mediation in conflict resolution.

c) What are the ethical issues involved in business communication?

d) How can technological advances help make communication more effective?

e)   State the functions of comma.


Q 5. Attempt any three of the following:  (15M)

a) Explain the steps in executing presentations.

b) How to create an outline for the presentation?

c) state the advantages of adding graphics to the presentation.

d) How visual communication is effective than oral communication?

e) Explain. Explain concept map with an example.

f) Way use of font, color, and layout is important in the impress stage of presentation?


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