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BSc.-Soft Skills Development-Mumbai-April 2017


Subject: Soft Skills Development

Semester: 1

[Total Time: 21/4 Hours]
[Total Marks: 75]
N.B. 1) All questions are compulsory
2) Figures to the right indicate marks
3) Draw suitable diagrams and illustrations wherever necessary.
41 Mixing of sub-questions is not allowed.

Q.1) Attempt All the Question. (15M)

A) Choose the correct alternative
i) Reunining emotions, understanding emotions, regulating emotions are examples of _____________________. competencies
a) professional                                     
b) personal
c) Interpersonal                                   d) social

ii) Emotional intelligence is made up of ________________ core skill.
i) four                                                   b) six
c) three                                                d) five

iii) The three element that combine to make 3M model of camunication include message, media and ________________
a) Motive                                              b)
c) Meaning                                           
d) Measurable

iv) WAINA stand for ______________ Alternative to Negotiated Agreement.
a) Worst                                               
b) White
c) Wise                                                 
d) None of these

v) The successful company depends greatly on the ___________ and development of its employees.
a) responsibility                                     
b) motivation
c) salary                                                 d) None of these


B) Fill in the blanks (Choose one from the pool)

( Transcription Communication, Blue hat, Red hat, Shorter, Longer, Meeting, Six Interview, four)

i) ____________ is defined as the transfer of information through exchange of speech, messages, signs, visual effects, behavior, etc.

ii) ______________ is associated with process-control, overview, agenda of thinking steps, summaries, conclusions, decision.

iii)  Resumes are ____________  than curriculum vitae.

iv) _____________ is a purposeful talk between two people.

v) De Bono’s proposed the __________Thinking Hats Method.


C) Explain the following terms in one or two lines.

1) Johari Window
ii  Scannable Resume
iii) Traits
iv) Job Enrichment
v) Impact of positive and negative thinking


Q. 2) Attempt the following: (Any TUREE) (15M)

a) Briefly describe the comments of Emotional Intelligence.

b) What is 3M Model of Communication? Explain?

c) Write a note on non-verbal communication.

d) Highlight the characteristics of communication in digital world.

e) Write a note on Technology Etiquette.

f) Write a short note on virtues of listening.


Q. 3) Attempt the following: (Any THREE) (15M)

a) Differentiate between resume and curriculum vitae.

b) What is meant by a cover letter? Highlight importance?

c) Briefly describe the steps m planting a presentation.

d) Write a Rolex type of interview.

e) Difference between Group Discussion, Panel Discussion, and Debate.

f) What is the importance of Work ethics?


Q. 4)  Attempt the following: (Any THREE ) (15M)

a) What capacity building? List various strategies for capacity building?

b) What are the traits of a good leader? Explain.

c) What are the different stages of team building?

d)  Highlight the significance of decision-making and negotiation.

e) write a note on decision-making techniques?

f) What are the signs of stress? What are its sources?


Q. 5) Attempt the following: (Any THREE) (15M)

a) Write a note on interview skills.

b) Write a note on negotiation styles

c) What are the healthier ways to combat stress? Explain.

d) List and describe about types of teams.

e) Write a note on 4 Ds of Email Decision Making.


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