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BSc.-Soft Skills Development-Mumbai-November 2017


Subject: Soft Skills Development-Mumbai

Semester: 1

Total Marks: 75]
Total Time: 2 1/4
N.B. 1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Figures to the right indicate marks.
3) Draw suitable diagrams and illustrations wherever necessary.
4) Mixing of sub-questions is not allowed.

Q. 1) Attempt All the Questions. (15M)

A) Choose the correct alternative

i) ___________ thinking enables to have a feeling of security and confidence
a) Neutral                       
b) Positive
c) Negative                     
d) None of these

ii) ______________ is one of the component of non-verbal communication and body language.
a) Sleeping                     
b) Shouting
c) Facial expression         d) None of these

iii) Relationship Management_______________ is type of competency
a) Personal                     
b) Nou-poromal
c) Social                         
d) None of these

iv) The_______________ etiquette includes both phone and email etiquette.
a) technology                 
b) social
c) professional               
d) None of these 

v) ______________is related to coming out with completely new ideas and processes
a) Creativity                   
b) Sensitivity
c) Productivity               
d) None of these


B) Fill in the blanks. (Choose one from the pool)

{ red hat, black hat, functional, non-functional, Best, Better, defer, dotor, interview, discussion}

i) ______________is associated with exercising caution; preventing mistakes; being critical; assessing potential danger.

ii) ______________resume format is important for people who have varied job experiences.

iii) BATNA refers to _______________  alternative to a negotiated agreement.

iv) The 4 Ds of Email Decision Making include delete, do, delegate and _____________

v) _______________ is a purposeful talk between two people.


C) Explain the following terms in one or two lines

i) Nurturing hobbies at work

ii) communication

iii) Ideas for Learning

iv) Leadership Trends

v) Individual interview


Q. 2) Attempt the following: (Any THREE) (15M)

a) Briefly online the importance of creativity and motivation

b) Write a note on the significance of communication

c) Highlight on the methods of communication in a digital world.

d) Write a note on etiquette at meetings.

e) Write a note on skills to develop emotional intelligence.

f) Write a note on Jolari’s Window.


Q. 3 Attempt the following: (Any THREE) (15M)

a) Briefly describe how to develop a cover letter.

b) List and explain in brief the different types of resumes

c) Briefly outline about the measures to coping up with Stage Fright and Anxiety.

d) Write note importance of work ethics.

e) Write a short note on using visual aids in presentation

f) Write a note on zones of learning.


Q. 4)Attempt the following: (Any THREE) (15M)

a) Write a note Post interview Behavior.

b) Write a note on Web Interview Etiquette

c) What are the top of decision making? Explain.

d) What are the healthier ways to Combat Stress?

e) List some important Preparatory steps for Job Interviews.

f) Highlight the important aspects of Group Discussions


Q. 5) Attempt the following: (Any THREE ) (15M)

a)  Listeps of Pre-interview Preparation,

b) What are the problems in the absence of work ethics?

c) List and explain about the team development stages.

d) Write a note on types of group discussion.

e) What are the key aspects of an informal interview?


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