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BSc.-Web Programming-Mumbai-April 2017


Subject: Web Programming

Semester: 2

(Time: ????????/???? hours)
[Marks: 75]
Please check whether you have got the right question paper.
N. B.: (1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary and state the assumptions made.
(3) Answers to the same question must be written together.
(4) Numbers to the right indicate marks.
(5) Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.
(6) Use of Non-programmable calculator is allowed.

Q. 1) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) List and explain important applications of internet in brief.

b) Explain different approaches to style sheets.

c) Write a short note on internet address.

d) How hyperlinks are created in HTML? Explain with the help of an example.

e) What is search engine? Explain its working.

f) Write HTML code to design following web page:

Q. 2) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) What is image map? Write the difference between client-side and server-side image mapping.

b) Write the purpose of using: rowspan, colspan, cellspacing and cellpadding in Table tag. Give example.

c) Write HTML code for embedding an audio and video in a web page.

d) Explain the semantic tags of HTML5.

e) Write HTML code to design a form to enter name of the user, his/her password, and gender (radio button for male/female), hobbies (checkbox for reading/singing/sports), favorite color (list box red/green/blue) and submit and reset button.

f) Explain <DIV> tag with the help of suitable example.


Q. 3) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) Differentiate between client-side and server-side JavaScript.

b) Write a JavaScript program to display all the prime numbers between 1 and 100.

c) list and explain the methods of string object of JavaScript.

d) Explain the following operators of JavaScript:
(i) new (ii) delete (iii) this (iv) void (v) ,(Comma)

e) Write the codes to design following web page and validate all the controls placed
on the form using JavaScript as given:
Name should not be blank,
Check email-id is valid,
Check Pin code is 6 digits long.

f) Define events and event handlers. List various types of mouse event.


Q. 4)  Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) Write the difference between GET and POST methods in PHP.

b) Explain different types of arrays available in PHP.

c) Write a PHP program to demonstrate the use of different string functions.

d)   Explain error handling in PHP.

e) Write a short note on variables in PHP.

f) Write a PHP program to create one-dimensional array.


Q. 5) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) What is a cookie? How to store and retrieve the values in cookie in PHP?

b) Explain any five PHP/MYSQL functions with example.

c) Write a PHP program to send email with attachment.

d) How to start and destroy a session and how to store a session variable in PHP?

e) Write a short note on regular expressions in PHP.

f) Write a PHP code to create a database “Company” and to create a table
“Employee” (emp_id, emp_name,emp_dept,emp_salary).

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