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BSc.-Web Programming-Mumbai-April 2019


Subject: Web Programming

Semester: 2

(2½ Hours)
[Total Marks: 75]
N. B.: (1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary and state the assumptions made.
(3) Answers to the same question must be written together.
(4) Numbers to the right indicate marks.
(5) Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.
(6) Use of Non-programmable calculators is allowed.

Q. 1) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) What is WWW? Write difference between WWW and Internet.

b) List and explain different types of CSS selectors with example.

c) Write short note on Uniform Resource Locator.

d) Explain the following HTML tags with the help of example:
(i) < br> (ii)<pre> (iii) <h6> (iv) <p> (v) <a>

e) What is proxy server? Discuss its application with reference to internet.

f) Explain different types of lists available in HTML with the help of example.

Q. 2) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) How to format and position a division on a web page? Explain with example.

b) Write HTML code to design given web page using Table tags.

Sales Report
1 2 100 200
2 5 50 250
3 10 250 2500
Total Sales 2950

c) How will you create graphical navigation bar? Explain with example.

d) Explain <audio> and <video> tags in HTML 5.

e) Write HTML Code to design a web page with Image Maps.

f) List and explain any five HTML Form controls with example.

Q. 3) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) Write a short note on “for…in” looping statement in JavaScript.

b) Write a program in JavaScript to accept a sentence from the user and display the number of words in it. (Do not use split ( ) function).

c) Explain following events:
(i)onclick (ii) onfocus (iii) onmouseover (iv) onload (v) onerror

d) Write a JavaScript program using various methods of Date Object.

e) Write a short note on comparison and logical operators in JavaScript.

f) List various features of JavaScript.

Q. 4) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) What is PHP? Write the advantages of using PHP for server-side web scripting.

b) Write a PHP code to find the greater of two numbers. Accept the numbers from the user.

c) Explain any five string functions available in PHP with example.

d) What are the different methods available in PHP for passing the information from one page to another? Explain.

e) Write a short note on PHP data types.

f) Explain associative array in PHP with the help of example.

Q. 5) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) Explain following PHP/MYSQL functions:
(i) mysql_connect ( )  (ii) mysql_close ( )   (iii) mysql_query ( )
(iv) mysql_select_db ( )  (v) mysql_error ( )

b) Write a PHP program to demonstrate the use of cookies in PHP.

c) Compare POSIX and PERL style Regular expressions of PHP.

d) List various HTTP functions available in PHP. Explain header ( ) function in detail.

e) Write a PHP program to create a database named “employee”. Create a table named “salary” with following fields (eid, ename, esalary). Insert 3 records of your choice. Display the names of the employees whose salary is between 15000 to 20000 in a tabular format.

f) Write a short note on PHP Session.

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