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Microbial Techniques-Microbiology-BSC-Nagpur-Summer-2019

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Semester—2 Examination
MICROBIOLOGY (Microbial Techniques)

Optional Paper—1
Time : 3 Hours
Maximum Marks : 50

N.B. :— (1) All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.
(2) Draw well labelled diagram wherever necessary.

1. Discuss principle and working of TEM with well labelled ray diagram. [10M]


Describe various components of Bright field microscopy and its functions along with ray diagram.  [10M]

2. Discuss principle and working of fluorescent microscopy along with ray diagram. [10M]


Discuss principle and working of phase contrast microscope with ray diagram. [10M]

3. (a) Explain principle and procedure of Gram Staining. [5M]

(b) Give the procedure of spare staining. [5M]


(c) Explain physical and chemical theories of staining. [5M]

(d) Describe principle and procedure of flagella staining. [5M]

4. (a) Describe auxanographic technique for determination of carbon requirement. [5M]

(b) Describe Coulter Counter method. [5M]


Write short notes on :

(c) Synchronous culture [5M]

(d) Single cell isolation method. [5M]

5. Solve any TEN of the following :

(a) Define resolving power. [1M]

(b) Give any two limitations of SEM. [1M]

(c) Give one application of dark field microscopy. [1M]

(d) What is cantilever ? [1M]

(e) Give any two applications of Atomic Force Microscopy. [1M]

(f) Give applications of fluorescent microscopy. [1M]

(g) What is negative staining ? [1M]

(h) Enlist the stains used in acid fast staining. [1M]

(i) Define chromophore group. [1M]

(j) What is CFU ? [1M]

(k) Give one significance of Replica Plating. [1M]

(l) Give limitation of measurement of growth by turbidity. [1M]

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