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BSc.-Computer Organization & Design-Mumbai-November 2017



Semester: 1

(Time: 21/2hours)
[Total Marks: 75]
N.B. 1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Figures to the right indicate marks.
3) Illustrations, in-depth answers, and diagrams will be appreciated.
4) Mixing, of subquestions is not allowed.

Q. 1) Attempt All (Each of 5Marks) (15M)

A) Select appropriate choice from the following.

i) ASCII code is — it code.
a) 2                           
b) 5                           c) 8

b) Which of the following system is digital
a) Hatrical switch     b) electronic counter   c) Mercury
Thiemanometer      d) None of the above

iii) One of the inputs to an OR gate is high its output will be______________
a) Medium          b) High          c) Low

iv) The assembled cline language program is called
a) Object Code     b) Executable code                   c) Source code

v) The member of lata registers in ColdFire processor is –
a) 2               b) 
4                c) 8                 d) None of these


B) fill in the blanks.

1) If one of the inputs to an OR gate is high its output will be____________

2) The number of inputs to a logic gate is called it’s______________

3) In decimal number system base is ________

4) A K-map of n variables contains ___________ cells.

5) CISC stands for __________


C) Short Answers.

i) Define Sequential circuit.

ii) What is the binary equivalent of decimal 25?

iii) What is parity bit?

iv) Define fan-out.

v) Deline exception.


Q. 2) Attempt the following (Any TIIREE) (Each of 5Marks) (15M)

a) Draw a neat basic block diagram of computer system.

b) State & explain number systems used in computer systems.

c) What is the role of shift register? Explain with 4-bit shift register.

d) What is gated S-R latch?

e) Explain tristate buffers.

f) Explain the concept of universal gate.


Q. 3) Attempt the following (Any THREE) (Each of 5Marks) (15M)

a) Define terms: Memory word, word length, Address & address space.

b) Explain How memory is used in read-write operations.

c) The Hill statement 2=x*y when gets compiled what type of machine instructions will get used?

d) Explain characteristics of CISC instruction set.

e) What is pointer? Explain its use in indirection operation.

f) Discuss the type of machine instructions.


Q. 4) Attempt the following (Any THREE) (Lach of 5Marks) (15M)

a) Explain arithmetic, logic & Load instructions with example.

b) Discuss the conceptual view required for computing?

c) How data movement & manipulation operations performed using Data Path.

d With neat diagram explain organization of instruction fetch section of the processor?

e What is an exception? Give example.

f) Explain program-controlled I/O


Q. 5) Attempt the following (Any THREE) (Each of 5 Marks) (15M)

a) Eixplain implementation of AND, NOT GATES using NOR.

b) Explain the use of Stacks in computer operations with example.

c) What are the components of processer?

d) Convert decimal number 350 to binary & octal form.

e) Explain instruction execution & straight line sequencing.


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