LinkedIn Insight BSc.-Free & Open Source Software-Mumbai-April 2017 - Grad Plus

BSc.-Free & Open Source Software-Mumbai-April 2017


Subject: Free & Open Source Software

Semester: 1

[Total Marks: 75]
[Total Time: 2 1/2]
N.B. 1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Figures to the right indicate marks.
3) Illustrations, in-depth answers, and diagrams will be appreciated.
4) Mixing of sub-questions is not allowed.

Q.1 Attempt All (Each of 5Marks) (15M)

A) Multiple Choice Questions

i) Foss stands for ………….

a) Free open-source system                               b) Free open source software
c) Free object source system                              d) Free object software system

ii) OSI with respect to open source software stands for…………….. .
a) open-source initiative                                     b) open system interchange
c) open-source interchange                                d) open system interconnection

iii) GCC is …. … …..
a) GNU collection compiler                                  b) GNU C compiler
c) Global compiler                                                d) GNU Converter compiler

iv) LAMP is ………..
a) Linux based Advanced MySQL Database Programming
b) Linux Apache Web server MySQL database PHP/Python/Perl
c) Linux Android MySQL database, PHP/Python/Perl
d) Linux Advanced MYSOL Programs

v) Oracle VM Virtual Box is an example of ……
a) Free open source software available under GNU GPL
b) Licensed software
c) Shareware software
d) Public Domain


B) Fill in the blanks

 i) ________________is software where source code is available for modification to everyone.

ii) Eclips is a popular IDE donated by______________- to the open-source community

iii) _____________is free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla foundation

iv) _______________ operating is free open system for mobile device.

v) _______________ is open source project for automation of Linux based application:


C) Short answer: ( Attempt all)

i) What is open source license?

ii) What is closed source code software?

iii) What do you mean by open-source ethics?

iv) What is GPL?

v) What is GNU-debugger?


Q. 2) Attempt the following (Any THREE) (Each of 5Marks) (15M)

a) Write a note on public domain software.

b) Discuss the concept of “Free doesn’t mean no Cost”.

c) Explain open source software development model with a diagram.

d) Write a short note on the following
i) Apache license
ii) BSD License

e) What is software localization?

f) How it is related to internationalization? Explain the zero marginal cost with respect to FOSS.



Q. 3) Attempt the following (Any THREE) (Each of 5Marks) (15M)

a) Write a short note on the following:
i) Wikipedia
ii) WordPress

b) Explain five key components of Open Office.

c) How one can contribute to an open-source project using GitHub.

d) Explain the following terms
i) Open Source Design
ii) Open source Teaching

e) Distinguish between Commercial design practices and Open/Free Design practices.

f) What is Open Source hardware How hardware can be ‘Open’?


Q. 4) Attempt the following Any THREE) (Each of 5Marks) (15M)

a) Explain features Linux operating system.

b) Write a short note in the Android operating system.

c) List five advantages of Virtualization.

d) Describe in detail containerization.

e) Discuss any two open-source database technology.

f) What Virtualization? Explain any two types of virtualization


Q. 5) Attempt the following (Any THREE) (Each of 5Marks) (15M)

a) Explain the following terms;
i) Copyleft
ii) Copyright

b) What is communication and etiquette?

c) Explain Write short note on Docker’.

d) What are the problems with traditional commercial software?

e) Explain role of open source in government.



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