LinkedIn Insight BSc.-Free & Open Source Software-Mumbai-April 2019 - Grad Plus

BSc.-Free & Open Source Software-Mumbai-April 2019


Subjects:- Free & Open Source Software

Semester: 1

(Time: 2 ½ Hours)
[Total Marks: 75]
N.B. 1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Figures to the right indicate marks.
3) Illustrations, in-depth answers, and diagrams will be appreciated.
4) Mixing of sub-questions is not allowed.

Q. 1) Attempt All Each of 5 marks) (15M)

A) Multiple choice Questions:

a) FSF stands for ______________.
a) Free software founder                    c)
Free system foundation
b) Free source foundation                  d) Free software foundation

ii) MySql is an licensed under ____________________.
a) GPL                                                 c) GNU GP.
b) Microsoft                                        d)

iii) Wicipediis created by._____________________
a)   Eric Raymond                                c)
Dennis Ritchie
b) Richard Stallman                             d) Jimmy Wales

vi) __________________ is granting the permission to use intellectual property rights such as trademark or patents:
a) Licensing                                           c)
b) Licensee                                            d) License

v)   _____________ is un Open Source programming language.
a) Java                                                   c)
b) C#                                                     d) Python

B) Fill in the blanks:
(Wikimedia Foundation, Free Software Foundation, Personal Computer Systems, Mobile system, wordpress, Docker, Mozilla Foundation, software, Apache Foundation IDE for java, operating system, redistribute copies study)

i) Netbeans is ______________ software.

ii) _______________ is a free software used to create and manage websites.

iii) Andriod is an operating system for ______________ .

iv) Freedom 2 refers to _____________________.

v) Firefox is developed by _____________________.

C) Short answer (Attempt all) 

a) Copyleft

b) Parent

c) Open force design.

d) Open Source Haniware

e) Containerization

Q. 2) Attempt the following (Any THREE): (15M)

a) Explain the history of open source.

b) Write a note on the Apache FOSS license.

c) List and explain problems of commercial software

d) Describe the role of open source in government

e) Explain open-source initiative.

f) What are the various income generation opportunities of open source software?

Q. 3) Attempt the following (Any THREE): (15M)

a) Write a note on GCC.

b) What are the steps to contribute to Wikipedia?

c) Discuss about Apache webserver.

d) Describes open-source teaching.

e) Explain with diagram open source developmental model.

f) What is communication and etiquettes, Explain.

Q. 4) Attempt the following (Any THREE): (15M)

a) Explain FreeBSD operating system.

b) Describe the following.
i) IDE
ii) Debugger

c) Write a note on the Android operating system.

d)  Discuss virtualization along with its types.

e) Explain darker technology.

f) Describe in brief LAMP.

Q. 5) Attempt the following (Any THREE): (15M)

a) What are the principles of open-source software?

b) Explain public domain software. 

c) Write a note on Drupal.

d) Discuss about open-source media.

e) Explain any two open-source database technologies.

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