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BSc.-Database Systems-Mumbai-November 2017


Subject: Database Systems

Semester: 1

(Time: 2 ½ Hours)
[Total Marks: 75]
N.B. 1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Figures to the right indicate marks.
3) Illustrations, in-depth answers, and diagrams will be appreciated.
4) Mixing of sub-questions is not allowed.
5) Assume suitable data if necessary and state it clearly.

Q. 1) Attempt All. [15M]

A) Multiple Choice Questions.

1) A ___________ in a table represent a relationship among a set of values.
a) Column
b) key
c) Row
d) Entry

2) Consider attributes ID, CITY, and NAME. which one of these can be considered as a super key?
b) ID

3) Which of the following is used to donate the selection operation in relational algebraL?
a) Pi(Greek)
b) Signal (Greek)
c) Labda (Greek)
d) Omega (Greek)

4) Which of the following query is correct for using comparison operators in SQL.
a) SELECT sname, ccoursename From studentinfo ;
b) SELECT sname, ccoursename From studentinfo WHERE age>50 && age< 80.
c)  SELECT sname, ccoursename From studentinfo  WHERE age>50 & WHERE age <80;
d) None of the above

5) In 2NF
a) No functional dependencies exist.
b) No multivalued dependencies exist.
c)  No partial functional dependencies exist.
d) No partial multivalued dependencies exist.


B) Fill in the blanks.

1) Field in otherwise called as __________ of the record.

2) The ___________ is re lated to the concept of multi-valued dependency

3) The ____________ operator takes the results of two queries and returns only  rows              that appear tin both result sets.

4) Architecture of the database can be viewed as __________

5) _____________ is a full form of SQL


C) Short Answers.

1) State any two examples based on derived attributes.

2) Write syntax of see elect operation of relational algebra.

3) What is the output produce by date () function?

4) Explain the string function ltrim () with example.

5) Define the term DBMS.


Q. 2) Attempt the following ( Any THREE )   [15M]

a) State the drawback of traditional file processing systems.

b) Show an E-R diagram illustrating the use entity sets listed.

Galleries keep information about artists, their names ( which are unique ), birthplaces, age, style of art. For each piece of artwork the artist, the year it was made, its unique title, its type of art ( e.g. painting, lithograph, sculpture, photograph ), and its price must be stored, Pieces of artwork are also classified into the group of various kinds, for example, portraits, still lifes, works by Picasso, or works of the 19th century; a given piece may belong to more than one group.
Each group is identified by a name (like those just given) that describes the group. Finally, galleries keep information about customers. For each customer, galleries keep that person’s unique name, address, the total amount of dollars spent in the gallery (very important !), and the artists and groups of art that the customer tends to like.

c) List and explain List and explain different database users.

d) What do you man by Null constraint, Check constraint? Discuss with suitable example?

e) List and explain different types of mapping cardinalities.

f Draw an ER diagram showing movie ticket management system.
[ Assume suitable data and state them clearly.]


Q. 3) Attempt the following ( Any THREE ) [15M]

a) Giving 2 examples explain 1 NF.

b) Explain any 3 aggregate functions with examples.

c) Discuss cross product, union operations from relational algebra with suitable example.

d) Perform following using MySQL
1) Create a table student ( rollno, name, address ) rollno is PK.
2) Insert 2 records
3) Delete a record whose rollno is 3.
4) find a record whose name starts with a.

e) How to perform commit and rollback operation give example to support your answer.


Construct tables from the above ER diagram. [assume suitable mapping cardinalities and mention them.]

C. Explain the following terms in one or two lines
i) Nurturing hobbies at work
ii) communication
iii) Ideas for learning
iv) Leadership Trends
v) Individual Interview


Q. 2) Attempt the following: (Any THREE) [15M]

a) Briefly outline the importance of creativity and motivation.

b) Write a note on the significance of communications.

c) Highlight on the methods of communication in a digital world.

d) Write a note on etiquette at meetings.

e) Write a note on skills to develop emotional intelligence.

f) Write a note on Johari’s Window.


Q. 3) Attempt the following: (Any THREE) [15M]

a) Briefly describe how to develop a cover letter.

b) List and explain in brief the different types of resumes.

c) Briefly outline about the measures to coping up with Stage Fright and Anxiety.

d) Write a note importance of work ethics.

e) Write a short note on using visual aids in presentation.

f) Write a note on zones of learning.


Q. 4) Attempt the following: (Any THREE) [15M]

a) Write a note on Post-interview behavior.

b) Write a note on Web interview Etiquette.

c) What at the steps of decision-making? Explain.

d) What are the healthier ways to Combat Stress! 

e) List some important Preparatory stops for Job Interview.

f)  Highlight of the important aspects of Group Discussions.


Q. 5) Attempt the following: (Any THREE ) [15M]

a) List steps of Pronterview Preparation

b) What are the problems in the absence of work ethics?

c) Lit and explain about the team development stages.

d ) Write a note on type of group discussion

e) What are dee key aspects of informal interview?


b) Write queries in relational algebra form.

i) Find the information of  name “ram” from student table.

ii) Select the records from studetna table who has marks>60

iii) Find all students having marks<40 from student table.

iv)  Rename student table to SST.

v)  Find name from student whose addressing virar.


c) Discuss ave (), max (), min (), functions with suitable example.

d) Write a note on sub-query and provide example.

e) Define the terms data, information, entity attribute, relationship.


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