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BSc.-Database Systems-Mumbai-November 2018


Subject: Database Systems

Semester: 1

(Time: 2 ½ Hours)
[Total Marks: 75]
N.B. 1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Figures to the right indicate marks.
3) Illustrations, in-depth answers and diagrams will be appreciated.
4) Mixing of sub-questions is not allowed.
5) Assume suitable data if necessary and state it clearly.

Q.1 Attempt All. [15M]

(a) Multiple Choice Questions

1)The level of data abstraction which describes how the data is actually stored is:
A) conceptual level
B) physical level
C) file level
D) none of these

2) …………….. is called a top-down approach.
A) Generalization
B) Specialization
C) Aggregation
D) Synthesization

3) Which of the following is the syntax for views where v is view name ?
A)Create view v as “query name”;
B) Create “query expression” as view;
C) Create view v as “query expression”;
D) Create view “query expression”;

4) A record in the table is also knows as………….
A) column
B) tuple
C) Field
D) data

5)………….. is used to find absolute value of a number.


(b)Fill in the blanks. [use following answer pool to fill the correct answer.]
[three level, column, unique, single , committed, length, DDL ,DML]

1) Database Architecture _____________.

2) Primary key should be _________.

3) A transactions completes its execution is called as _________.

4) _____ is one of the string handling function in mysql.

5) ALTER command is _________ ..


(c) Answer in one line.

a) Define DBMS.

b) Write syntax for updating a row in a table.

c) Write syntax of projection operator in Relational Algebra.

d) Define subquery.

e) Give one example of derived attribute.


Q. 2 Attempt the following(Any THREE) [15 M]

a) What are the disadvantages of file processing system?

b) Explain Relational model.

c) What do you mean by Binary Relationship and Ternary Relationship? Explain with suitable

d) Write a note on Specialization.

e) Define following terms:
i) Value Set
ii) Composite Attribute
iii) Multivalued Attribute
iv) Simple Attribute
v) Entity Type

f) Construct an ER Diagram for Airline Reservation System.

[Assume suitable data and mapping cardinalities exist.]


Q.3 Attempt the following(Any THREE) [15 M]

a) Explain following operations of Relational Algebra with algebraic query example.
i) Projection
ii) Join

b) What do you mean by Functional Dependency?

c) How do you Backup and Restore Database in MySQL?

d) Explain Group BY and Having Clause of MySQL with suitable query examples.

e) Explain all Aggregate Functions used in MySQL.

f) Perform following using MySQL.
i) Create a table Supplier(suppno ,same , city) with suitable data types.
“Suppno” columns is primary Key.
ii) Insert 2 records.
iii) Delete a record who lives in city starts with letter ‘M’.

Q. 4 Attempt the following(Any THREE) [15 M]

a) What security mechanism is used to secure database?

b) What do you mean by Join? Explain Left outer join and Right outer join with suitable query example.

c) What are the different threats to the databases?

d) What do you mean by privileges with respect to databases? How to grant and revoke privileges?

e) Write short note on correlated subqueries. Give example of it.

f) Consider following tables-


Custno Cname City creditlimit
C1 Harshika Mumbai 50000
C2 Priya Banglore 60000
C3 Bhavana Delhi 70000


Ordemo Custno Qty Amt
01 C1 20 200000
02 C1 12 500000
03 C2 7 10000
04 C2 12 220000
05 C3 10 40000

Solve following queries and trace the output.–
i) Find out the name of customer who has placed the orders.
ii) Create a view showing the details of customer living in same city.
iii) How many orders placed by each customer? (Solve with subquery)


Q.5 Attempt the following (Any THREE) [15 M]

a) Explain architecture of DBMS.

b) Explain 3NF and BCNF.

c) What is the use of keywords ‘Distinct’ and ‘all’ in MySQL? Explain with query example.

d) How to create and drop a user in MySQL?

e) What do you mean by views? What are its types?

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