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Advanced Electrical Engineering-Nagpur

Teaching Scheme
Lectures: 2 Hours/ Week
Tutorial: 1 Hours / Week

Examination Scheme
T (U) : 40 Marks
T (I) : 10 Marks
Duration of University Exam. : 02 Hours

Unit – I : (8 Hrs)

Introduction to Electrical Power System : 
Introduction to Power Generation (Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear, Wind, and Solar) with block
schematic presentation only. Single line diagram for Generation, Transmission & Distribution
through different voltage levels; Low voltage distribution system (Over head & Underground,
single phase & three phase)

Necessity of equipment earthings, Fuses (Rewirable & HRC), MCB, ELCB (Elementary
concepts only), Basic operation of UPS & Invertors (Block schematic representation).

Unit – II : (12Hrs)

DC Machines
Construction of a D.C Machine (without details of armature winding), Principle of working as a
generator and as a motor, EMF equation of a DC machine, types of DC machines.
Concept of Back EMF, speed and torque equations, characteristics of motors, necessity of
starters, Applications of DC motors.

Unit – III : (8Hrs)

Utilization of Electrical Energy Tariff
One part (KWH based) tariff with simple numerical: Students should be able to calculate the
domestic electricity charges.

Definitions of luminous flux, luminous intensity, candle power, illumination, luminance,
luminous efficiency (lumens/watt) of different types of lamps, working principle of Fluorescent/
Sodium Vapour/ Mercury vapour & CFL Lamps. Simple numerical to determine number of
lamps to attain a given average lux level in an area.

Unit – IV : (12Hrs)

AC motor
Three-phase Induction Motors : Working principle, types & constructions of three phase
Induction Motor, synchronous speed, torque, slip, torque -speed characteristic, application (No

Single Phase Induction Motor: Types of single phase Induction motors, operating principle and
their applications.

Books Recommended:

1) Basic Electrical Engineering, S.N. Singh, PHI, Learning Private Limited.
2) A Text Book Of Electrical Technology, B. L. Tharaja and A. K. Tharaja, S. Chand
Publication (Volume II & III)
3) Electrical Machines M. N. Bandyopadhya, PHI, Learning Private Limited.
4) Electrical Machines, Ashfaq Husain, Dhanpatrai Company, 4th edition.
5) Basic Electrical Engineering, D.C. Kulshreshtha, revised 1st edition, Tata Mc-Graw Hill
education pvt. Ltd.
6) Generation of Electrical Energy- B. R. Gupta 4th Edition S Chand Publication
7) Testing Commissioning Operation & Maintenance Of Electrical Equipment – S. Rao
Khanna Publication

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