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Engineering Chemistry-II-Pune-Summer-2016

B.E. Second Semester All Branches (C.B.S.)

Time: 2 hours
Maximum marks: 50

Notes :
1. Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
2. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
3. Use of logarithmic tables slide rule, Mother charts, electronic Pocket calculator and steam tables allowed.
4. Assume suitable data, if necessary.

1. (a) Describe Dernineralisation/Deionization method with figure, process, ion exchange and regeneration reactions for softening of hard  water. [6M]

(b) What is reference electrode ? Draw neat labelled diagram of glass electrode and give its  representation. [3M]

(c) Define the terms [3M]
i) Resistance
ii) Cell constant
iii) Equivalent conductance.


2. (a) Explain principle, instrumentation and applications of UV visible spectrophotometer. [6M]

(b) Explain any three principles of green chemistry. [3M]

(c) An exhausted zeolite softener was regenerated by passing 150 litres of NaC1 solution having strength 150 gms./lit. of NaCl. How many litres of hard water sample having hardness 400 ppm can be soften by using softener. [3M]

3. (a) Give preparation, reaction, properties and applications of following : [6M]
i) Styrene-butadiene rubber.
ii) HDDE.

(b) What is power alcohol ? Give preparation with reaction and advantages of power alcohol. [3M]

(c) Calculate carbon and hydrogen in coal sample from the following data : 0.25 gm of coal sample on burning in combustion chamber in current of pure O2, was found to increase weight of CaCl2 U tube by 0.12 gm and KOH U tube by 0.57 gm. [3M]


4. (a) Draw neat labelled diagram and give the construction working of Bomb calorimeter to determine GCV of a fuel. State formula with corrections to calculate GCV. [6M]

(b) Explain bulk polymerisation technique. Draw the figure and state its disadvantages. [3M]

(c) Distinguish between thermosoftening and thermosetting polymer with example. [3M]

5. a) Explain industrial production of hydrogen by steam reforming of methane and coke. [5M]

(b) Give structure, one method of prepration and application of silane. [4M]

(c) Explain the structure and properties of graphite. [4M]


6. (a) What are carbon nanotubes ? Give types with respect to their structure and its applications. [5M]

(b) Discuss the properties of hydrogen which make it difficult for storage. [4M]

(c) Explain the structure of Diamond, give its properties and applications. [4M]

7. (a) Discuss any five factors affecting corrosion. [5M]

(b) What is cathodic protection ? Explain any one inched in detail. [4M]

(c) Define electroplating ? Explain process with neat labelled diagram and its applications. [4M]


8. (a) Define Net corrosion, Explain corrosion by hydrogen evolution mechanism. [5M]

(b) What is anodic and cathodic coating ? Which is more protective and why ? [4M]

(c) What is Galvanising ? Explain process with neat labelled diagram to protect iron from corrosion. [4M]


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