LinkedIn Insight B.Sc.-Basic Life Sciences -I: Biodiversity & Cell Biology-Mumbai-April 2018 - Grad Plus

B.Sc.-Basic Life Sciences -I: Biodiversity & Cell Biology-Mumbai-April 2018


Subject: Basic Life Sciences -I: Biodiversity & Cell Biology

Semester: 1

Total Time: 2 ½ hours.
Total Marks: 75
Notes: 1 Attempt all questions.
2. All questions carry equal marks.
3. Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.
4. For Q2, Q3, and 4 attempts A and B OR C and D

Q.1) Do as directed: (Any fifteen) (15M)

1) Define: abiogenesis.

2) Give one significance of biodiversity

3) In Eukaryotic, plant cell a prominent organelle is the_______________

4) Name any one purine.

5) Give the function of a capsule in bryophyte

6) Presence of mammary gland is a characteristic feature of ___________________

7) Bacteria reproduce by a mechanism called _______________

8) The portion of a bacterial cell consisting of the cytoplasmic membrane and the cell material bounded by it is called ____________. 

 9) The walls of many gram positive bacteria can be easily destroyed by treating with an enzyme called __________________.

10) The cell shape determining part of the cell will is largely composed of ____________

11) The granular consistency o the cytoplasm is because of the presence of _____________.

12) Oxidative phosphorylation takes place in ____________.

13) The semisolid, granular, and slightly acidophilic ground substance or the matrix in the nucleus is known as  _____________.

14) Give one example of a Plant virus.

15) Define; Capsomeres.

16) Give an example of a pigment-producing microorganism.

17) Define: Lysogeny

18) ___________ is the causative agent for Anthrax.

19) Give an example of an acid-fast organism.

20) What are coliphages?


Q. 2) A) Explain the theory of Spontaneous generation. (8M)

Q. 2) B) Describe the general characteristics of class Reptilia (7M)


Q. 2) C) Give an account of Blue-green algae and give its applications. (8M)

Q. 2) D) Discuss the salient features of Angiosperms. (7M)


Q. 3) A) Describe the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria. (8M)

Q. 3) B) With a neat labeled diagram describe Mitochondria and add a note on its functions. (7M)


Q. 3) C) Discuss the structure and functions of Chloroplast. (8M)

Q. 3) D) Elaborate on Inclusions and storage bodies in a prokaryotic cell. (7M)


Q. 4) A) With the help of a suitable diagram discuss Transcription: Assembly sand Release events during phage lytic cycle. (8M)

Q. 4) B) Explain in detail the morphology and structure of phages. (7M)


Q. 4) C) Explain the One-step growth curve of plaque-forming units. (8M)

Q. 4) D) Give the Medical uses or aspects of lytic and lysogenic phage. (7M)


Q. 5) Write Short notes on; (any three)(15M)

a) Economic importance of Fungi,

b) General Characteristics of class Pieces

c) Bacterial Flagella and is types

d) Microtubules

e) Characteristic features of viruses.



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