B.E. Building Materials & Construction Technology-Mumbai-December 2019 - Grad Plus

B.E. Building Materials & Construction Technology-Mumbai-December 2019


Subject: Building Materials & Construction Technology

Semester: 4

[Total Time: 3 hrs]
[Total Marks: 80]
Instructions: 1). Question No .1 is compulsory
                      2) Answer any Three Questions from the remaining questions.
                      3) Each full question carries 20 marks.
                      4) Assume suitable data, if needed, and state it clearly.

Q.1)  Attempt any four

a) Enlist in detail classifications of engineering materials. (5M)

b) Explain the preservative treatments for stones. (5M)

c) State and explain the factors affecting the durability of concrete. (5M)

d) Describe the vacuum concreting method. (5M)

e) Draw a neat labeled sketch of a couple of roofs. (5M)

f) Explain the methods of compaction of concrete. (5M)

Q. 2) a) Explain bricks and their manufacturing process. (8M)

b) Define the workability of concrete. State different methods to find out the workability of fresh concrete and explain any one of them with step by step in detail. (12M)

Q. 3) a) Sketch for providing damp proof course in the foundation at plinth stating material used for damp proofing. (6M)

b) Enlist the joints in stone masonry and explain any one of them with a sketch. (4M)

c) Demerits of distemper as compared to paints. (4M)

d) Compare natural seasoning and kiln seasoning of timber. (6M)

Q. 4) a) State the properties of hardened concrete and explain any one of them. (6M)

b) What is an admixture? State its significance. (4M)

c) Explain in detail the I.S. method of mix design with steps. (10M)

Q. 5) a) Enlist the various components of RMC plant and draw a neat layout sketch of RMC plant. (8M)

b) Find out FM of sand and classify it for the following observations. Also, determine the grading zone of sand as per clause No. 4.3 of IS 383:1970. (12M)

IS Sieve Size 4.75 2.36 1.18 600μ 300μ 150μ R Pan
Wt Retained in ‘gms’ 03 85 280 260 17 90 112

Q. 6 a) Write down the engineering properties of glass. (4M)

b) Explain different types of flooring material and their applications in building. (8M)

c) Write down the period of removal of formwork for different structural members as per Clause No. 11.3.1 of IS 456: 2000. (8M)

Data for Q. 5 b)
Table 1) Grading Limits for Fine aggregates ( Sand ), As per Clause No. 4.3 of IS 383: 1970.

IS Sieve Disignature Percentage passing by weight for
Zone-I Grading Zone-II Grading Zone-III Grading Zone-IV Grading
10mm 100 100 100 100
4.75mm 90-100 90-100 90-100 95-100
2.36mm 60-65 75-100 85-100 95-100
1.18mm 30-70 35-90 75-100 90-100
600μ 15-34 35-59 60-79 80-100
300μ 5-20 8-30 12-40 15-50
150μ 0-10 0-10 0-10 0-15


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