B.E. Transportatiion Engineering - II- Mumbai-December 2019 - Grad Plus

B.E. Transportatiion Engineering – II- Mumbai-December 2019


Subject: Transportation Engineering – II

Semester: 6

[Total Time: 3 Hours]
[Total marks=80]
Note 1) Question No 1 is compulsory.
          2) Attempt Any 3 out of remaining
          3) Assume any suitable data wherever required.


a) Draw the neat sketch of the layout of artificial Harbor (5M)

b) Explain the various parts of a bridge along with a neat sketch. (5M)

c) List out the considerations which have to be checked before recommending a new airport (5M)

d) List out various crossings along with their sketch. (5M)

Q. 2) a) Determine all the necessary elements required to set out a 1 in 12 turnout which takes off from a straight B.G track with its curve starting from the toe of the switch and passes through the theoretical nose of crossing. Give heel divergence =11.42 cm. (10M)

b) Explain the procedure for orientation of runway for an airport located at above mean sea level of 315 mt. Plot the orientation for better understanding, if site available of size 3000mt X 45000 mt. (10M)

Q. 3) a) The length of the runway under a standard condition is 2100mts. The airport is to be at an elevation of 410 mts. above the M.S.L. The ART is 320 C. The construction plan provides the following data. Calculate the corrected length. Also, apply check. (10M)

End to End runway (m) 0-300 300-900 900-1500 1500-1800 1800-2100 2100-2700 2700-300
Grade % +1.0 -.050 +0.50 +1.00 -0.50 -0.04 -0.10

b) Draw a neat diagram of a simple right-hand or left-hand turnout and show its various components parts. Explain the working principle of turnout. (5M)

c) Explain what do understand by interlocking in a railway system. (5M)

Wheel  base 17.70 mt
Tread of main loading gear 6.62 mt
Turning Speed 40 kmph
Coefficient of friction between tire and pavement surface 0.13

Q. 4) a) A taxiway is to be designed for operating Boeing 707-320 which has the flowing characteristics. Determine the turning radius of the taxiway. (10M)

b) What is meant by grade compensation for curvature? To What extent should a ruling gradient of 1 in 150 onboard gauge line to be downgraded to accommodate a 3° curve. (10M)

Q. 5) a) A developed city is to have a railway track to be designed, compute all the various design quantities of all the materials required for a proposed railway track of 5km. Assume suitable data. (10M)

b) For a pilot what are the various obstructions that are, in the operation of taking off or landing the flight. Explain in detail. (5M)

c) Discuss the theories to explain probable causes of creep? What can be done to arrest creep? (5M)

Q. 6) a) Write short notes on (any two) : (10 M)
I) Harbour and Docks
ii) Three controls of aircraft
iii) Transit Sheds
iv) Classification of the airport as per ICAO

b) Draw a typical layout of an airport with all the facilities available along with various different layout airport designs? Name five cities along with their Airport names? (5M)

c) Briefly describe the significance of drainage in the Airport. (5M)

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