B.E. Building Design & Drawing-Mumbai-May 2018 - Grad Plus

B.E. Building Design & Drawing-Mumbai-May 2018


Subject: Building Design & Drawing

Semester: 4

[Total Time: 4 Hours]
[Total Marks: 80]
N. B.: 1) Question No. 1 is compulsory.
           2) Answer any three questions from the remaining five questions.
           3) Assume suitable data if required and state it clearly.

Q. 1. It is proposed to construct an R.C.C framed structure Residential Bungalow as (G+1) with the following requirements.
a) Drawing Hall -25 m2
b) Master Bedroom(with A.T) – 18 m2
c) Bed Room (Two Nos.) – each 12 m2
d) Kitchen – 8 m2
e) Dinning Area – 12 m2
f) Guest Room – 15 m2
Provide verandah, staircase, passage, and sanitary units as per bye-laws. Assume floor to floor height -3.3 m.
i) Draw the ground floor plan. (15M)
ii) Draw the line plan of the first floor. (5M)


Q. 2. Draw the sectional elevation for the bungalow you have planned in Q.no1. (20M)


Q. 3. a) Explain principles of planning in the hospital building. (7M)

b) Draw line plan of school Building using following requirements, on Ground Floor.

a) Classroom (6- numbers) – each 70 m2
b) Laboratory (3- Nos.) – each 60 m2
c) Computer Room -75 m2
d) Principal Room – 45 m2
e) Staff Room – 60 m2
f) Office – 75 m2
g) Library cum Reading Room – 75 m2
h) Gymkhana – 100 m2
Provide adequate passage, staircase, sanitary units as per bye-laws. (13M)


Q. 4. Draw one point perspective for the Bungalow you have planned in Q.no.1 (20M)


Q. 5. a) Explain Principles of Planning for Residential Buildings. (10M)

b) Calculate the number of risers and trades for a commercial building having a staircase room 3030 mm x 2270 mm internal size (excluding wall thickness). Floor to floor height is 3.2 m, also draw a plan of a staircase. Consider wall thickness is 230 mm. (10M)


Q. 6. Write a short note on. (20M)

a) Green Building

b) Zoning

c) Types of foundations for Residential & Public Buildings.

d) Use of computers in planning and designing of Buildings.

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