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Electronics Instrumentation and Control-Engineering-Mumbai University-Dec2019


Subject: Electronics Instrumentation & Control

Semester: 3

[Total Time: 3 Hours]
[Total Marks: 80 M]
N.B: ( 1) Attempt four questions. question NO.: 1 is Compulsory.
(2) Assume suitable data wherever required.
(3) Answers to the quest ions should be grouped together.
(4) Figure 10 the right of question indicates full marks.

1. Attempt all: [20M]
(a) Derive an expression for the resistance using Wheatstone bridge for balanced condition.

(b) Find the transfer function of the given electrical network.

(c) Explain various criteria tor se lection of transducers.

(d) Compare analog and digital Data Acquisition system.

(e) Check whether the given system is stable
S5 + S4 + 2S3 + 2S2 + 3S + 15 = 0


(a) Describe how Q meter is used for measurement of low impedance. Also List the various sources of errors in Q meter. [10M]

(b) Using Block diagram reduction techniques. find closed loop transfer function. [10M]

3.(a) Sketch the root locus of a unity feedback control system with G(s)=\frac k{s(s+4)(s+6)}and determine the value of k for marginal stability. [10M]

b) A Unity feedback control system has G(s)=\frac{10}{s(1+0.4s)(1+0.1s)},\;H(s)=1Draw the bode plot and predict stability. [10M]

4. (a) Explain basic telemetry system [05M]

(b) For Unit) Feedback system G(s)=\frac k{s(1+0.4s)(1+0.25s)}, find range of K marginal value of K and frequency of sustained oscillation . Using Routh’s criterion.[5M]

(c) Explain with neat diagram working principle of LVDT and Explain advantages and disadvantages of LVDT. [10M]

5. (a) Using Mason’s Gain formula evaluate the transfer function (C(S))/R(S)) [10M]

b) Explain Kelvin ‘s double Bridge and its application for measurement of low resistance and derive expression for un known resistance. [10M]

6. (i) Compare the temperature transducers with respect their characteristics and measurement range. [05M]

(ii) How stability of the system can be analyzed using Nyquist criterion [05M]

(iii) Explain Digital Data Acquisition system [05M]

( iv) A unity feedback system has open loop transfer function as G(s)=\frac{(1+0.4s)}{s(s+0.6)} Obtain Unit step Response, Rise Time and Peak overshoot. [05M]

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