Electronics Instrumentation and Control-Engineering-Mumbai University-Dec2019 - Grad Plus

Electronics Instrumentation and Control-Engineering-Mumbai University-Dec2019


Subject: Electronics Instrumentation & Control

Semester: 3

[Total Time: 3 Hours]
[Total Marks: 80 M]
N.B: ( 1) Attempt four questions. question NO.: 1 is Compulsory.
(2) Assume suitable data wherever required.
(3) Answers to the quest ions should be grouped together.
(4) Figure 10 the right of question indicates full marks.

1. Attempt all: [20M]
(a) Derive an expression for the resistance using Wheatstone bridge for balanced condition.

(b) Find the transfer function of the given electrical network.

AUT - Grad Plus

(c) Explain various criteria tor se lection of transducers.

(d) Compare analog and digital Data Acquisition system.

(e) Check whether the given system is stable
S5 + S4 + 2S3 + 2S2 + 3S + 15 = 0


(a) Describe how Q meter is used for measurement of low impedance. Also List the various sources of errors in Q meter. [10M]

(b) Using Block diagram reduction techniques. find closed loop transfer function. [10M]

AUT1 - Grad Plus

3.(a) Sketch the root locus of a unity feedback control system with G(s)=\frac k{s(s+4)(s+6)}and determine the value of k for marginal stability. [10M]

b) A Unity feedback control system has G(s)=\frac{10}{s(1+0.4s)(1+0.1s)},\;H(s)=1Draw the bode plot and predict stability. [10M]

4. (a) Explain basic telemetry system [05M]

(b) For Unit) Feedback system G(s)=\frac k{s(1+0.4s)(1+0.25s)}, find range of K marginal value of K and frequency of sustained oscillation . Using Routh’s criterion.[5M]

(c) Explain with neat diagram working principle of LVDT and Explain advantages and disadvantages of LVDT. [10M]

5. (a) Using Mason’s Gain formula evaluate the transfer function (C(S))/R(S)) [10M]

AUT2 - Grad Plus

b) Explain Kelvin ‘s double Bridge and its application for measurement of low resistance and derive expression for un known resistance. [10M]

6. (i) Compare the temperature transducers with respect their characteristics and measurement range. [05M]

(ii) How stability of the system can be analyzed using Nyquist criterion [05M]

(iii) Explain Digital Data Acquisition system [05M]

( iv) A unity feedback system has open loop transfer function as G(s)=\frac{(1+0.4s)}{s(s+0.6)} Obtain Unit step Response, Rise Time and Peak overshoot. [05M]

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