Electrical Network-Engineering-Mumbai University-May2018 - Grad Plus

Electrical Network-Engineering-Mumbai University-May2018


Subject: Electrical Network

Semester: 4

[Total Time: 3 Hours]
[Total Marks: 80 M]

1) Question No. 1 is compulsory.
2) Answer any three from the remaining five questions.
3) Assume suitable data if necessary and justify the same.

1. Answer any four. [20M]

(a) Using nodal analysis, find voltages V and V2 (refer fig 1)

ays21 - Grad Plus

(b) List out the properties of a tree.

(c) Using Laplace transform, obtain the expression for current in a series RC circuit when a unit ramp signal is applied.

(d) Derive the condition for reciprocity in transmission parameters.

(e) Find poles and zeros of the impedance of the following network and plot them on the S-plane. (refer fig 2)

ays22 - Grad Plus

2 (a) Using Thevenin’s theorem, find the current in the 100 resistor. (refer fig 3) [10M]

ays23 - Grad Plus

(b) For the graph shown, write the tieset matrix and f-cutset matrix. (refer fig 4) [10M]

ays25 - Grad Plus

(c) Draw the dual of the network shown (refer fig 5) [10M]

ays26 - Grad Plus

3 (a) Explain the concept of super mesh and super mode with an example. [10M]

(b) Write the mesh equations for the circuit shown. (refer fig 6) [10M]

ays27 - Grad Plus

(c) For the network shown in figure, steady state is reached with the switch closed. The switch is opened at t-0. Obtain expressions for il(t) and vu(t). (refer fig 7) [10M]

ays28 - Grad Plus

4.a) Using differential method, derive the expression for current in a series RL circuit. Draw its characteristics and define time constant. [10M]

(b) Mention the restrictions on pole and zero locations for driving – point functions. [10M]

c) Find the current I in the network shown, using superposition theorem. (refer fig.8) [10M]

ays29 - Grad Plus

5.a) The network shown in figure has acquired steady state att <0 with the switch closed. The switch is opened at t= 0. Determine v(t) (refer fig 9) [10M]

ays30 - Grad Plus

b)For the network shown in figure, find Z and h – parameters (refer fig 10)

ays41 - Grad Plus

6.a)Find the short circuit parameters for the network shown. (refer fig 11) [10M]

ays42 - Grad Plus

b)T he voltage V(s) of a network is given by v(s)=3s/(s+2)(s2+2s+2)) at its pole – zero diagram and hence obtain v(t) using graphical method. [10M]

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