LinkedIn Insight B.E. Computer Networks-Mumbai-December 2018 - Grad Plus

B.E. Computer Networks-Mumbai-December 2018


Subject: Computer Networks

Semester: 5

[Total Time: 3 hrs.]
[Total Marks: 80]
N.B.: 1) Question no. 1 is compulsory.
         2) Attempt any three questions out of the remaining questions.
         3) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

Q. 1) Any 5

a) What are the design issues for the OSI layers? (4M)

b) Differentiate between connection-oriented and connectionless Service? (4M)

c) List the advantages of fiber optics as a communication Medium. (4M)

d) Explain with examples the classification of IPv4 addresses. (4M)

e) Explain in short different framing methods. (4M)

f) Explain the need for a subnet mask in subnetting. (4M)


Q. 2) a) What is topology? Explain the types of topologies with diagrams, advantages, and disadvantages. (10M)

b) What is IPv4 protocol? Explain the IPv4 header format with a diagram. (10M)


Q. 3) a) Explain CSMA Protocols. Explain how collisions are handled n CSMAICD. (10M)

b) What is Traffic shaping? Explain the leaky bucket algorithm and compare it with a token-backed algorithm. (10M)


Q. 4) a) What is ICMP Protocol? Explain the ICMP header format with the diagram. (10M)

b) Write a program for client-server applications using Socket Programming(UDP). (10M)


Q. 5) a) Explain the use of TCP timers in detail. (10M)

b) Compare Open Loop congestion control and Closed Loop congestion control. (10M)


Q. 6) Write a short note on the following (Any Two) (20M)

a) Internetworking Devices

b) Distance Vector Routing



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