Mechatronics-Engineering-Nov2019 - Grad Plus


T.E. (E & TC)
(2015 Pattern) (Semester – I)

Time : 2½ Hours
Max. Marks : 70
Instructions to the candidates :
1) Answer any one questions out of Q1 or Q2, Q3 or Q4, Q5 or Q6, Q7 or Q8.
2) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
3) Figures to the right side indicate full marks.
4) Assume suitable data if necessary.

Q1) a) A potentiometer which is used to measure the rotational position of a shaft has 850 turns of wire? The input range is from –160 to +160. The output range is from 0 to 12V. Determine [6M]

i) span
ii) sensitivity in volts per degree
iii) average resolution in volts.

b) Explain the following in details related to Strain Gauge : [8M]

i) Stress & Strain
ii) Gauge Factor
iii) Output voltage of 4 gauge system
iv) Temperature compensation

c) Explain the Function of an accumulator as shock absorber. Also with neat sketch explain the Dead Weight Accumulator. [6M]


Q2) a) For a compound gear train shown in figure, if A, the first driver having 10 teeth, B having 30 teeth, C having 9 teeth and D the final driven wheel having 18 teeth, then determine the overall gear ratio. [4M]

b) Write Short notes on : [8M]
i) Proximity Sensor
ii) Servomechanism

c) Draw a neat diagram of gear pump. Explain its construction & working principle. [8M]

Q3) a) Draw & explain basic components of Pneumatic system. [10M]

b) Explain chemical dryers with a suitable sketch. [8M]


Q4) a) Write short notes on the following : [10M]
i) Positive displacement compressor (Piston)
ii) Dynamic displacement compressor (Screw)

b) Compare hydraulic & pneumatic system in mechatronics application.[8M]

Q5) a) With the help of a neat sketch, explain the functioning of electromechanical & solid state relays. [8M]

b) Explain in detail, working of vane type of pneumatic air motor. [8M]


Q6) a) Draw the symbol & explain : [10M]
i) Solenoid operated 5/3 direction control valve.
ii) 4/2 sliding spool valve.

b) Compare single acting & double acting cylinders. [6M]

Q7) a) Discuss the necessity of High speed tilting Train. Explain principle of working, a control Schematic & its control using a pendulum. [8M]

b) Using suitable block diagram explain working of boat autopilot. [8M]


Q8) a) Develop an automatic car parking system. Explain its sequence of operation, advantages & working with suitable sketch. [10M]

b) Write a short note on anti-lock braking system technology. [6M]

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