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Basic Electronics Engineering-Pune-Summer-2016

B.E. Second Semester All Branches (C.B.S.)

Time: 2 hours
Maximum marks: 50

Notes :
1. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
2. Neat diagram must be drawn wherever necessary.
3. Use of electronic pocket calculator is allowed.
4. Assume suitable data, if necessary and clearly state.

1. (a) Draw and Explain full wave rectifier with capacitor filter.[6M]

(b) Explain CE amplifier with the help of DC loadline. [6M]


2. (a) Explain with V-I characteristics the working of Zener diode as a voltage regulator. [6M]

(b) Define a and 13 in case of transistor. Derive the relationship between them. [6M]
If a = 0.98, Calculate value of p.

3. (a) Draw a neat diagram of 3-input inverting summing amplifier and obtain expression for its sip voltage. [6M]

(b) Compare synchronous and asynchronous counter. [4M]

(c) State Demorgan’s theorem. [2M]


4. (a) For the given circuit. Find V0. [6M]

(b) Compare microprocessor and microcontroller. [4M]

(c) Explain how Ex-OR gate can be used as an inverter. [2M]

5. (a) Draw a constructional diagram of SCR and Explain its working with the help of two transistor analogy. [6M]

(b) With a neat diagram explain construction and working of LVDT. Give its advantages and applications. [7M]


6. (a) Compare : [6M]
(i) SCR and TRIAC
(ii) DIAC and TRIAC.

(b) Draw and explain electronic weighting machine. [5M]

(c) Define : [2M]
(i) Active Transducer
(ii) Passive Transducer.

7. (a) Define AM. Derive expression for AM. Write expression for modulation index. Draw waveforms of AM. [7M]

(b) Write short note on : [6M]
(i) Coaxial Cable
(ii) Fiber Optic Cable.


8. (a) Draw and Explain block diagram of GSM system. [6M]

(b) With respect to FM explain [7M]
(i) Frequency deviation
(ii) Modulation index
(iii) Deviation ratio
(iv) Frequency spectrum of FM.

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