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Basics Of Civil Engineering-Nagpur-Summer-2015

B.E. Second Semester All Branches (C.B.S.)

Time: 2 hours
Maximum marks: 40

Notes :
1. All questions carry marks as indicated.
2. Due credit will be given to neatness and adequate dimensions.
3. Assume suitable data whenever necessary.
4. Illustrate your answers whenever necessary with the help of neat sketches.

1. (a) Explain general role of civil engineer in any construction work. [5M]

(b) Write a note on necessity of building by-laws. [5M]


2. (a) Determine the Carpet area per floor of a three storied building from the following details. Assume equal built up area per floor : [5M]
(i) Plot Area = 1200 m2
(ii) FSI allowed = 1.0
(iii) Ratio of carpet area to built up area = 0.8.

(b) How do you differentiate between shallow and deep foundation ? Also state important functions of foundation. [5M]

3. (a) What is GPS and GIS ? State any four applications of GPS and GIS. [6M]

(b) Difference between Roadways and Railways with respect to various points. [4M]


4. (a) What is total station ? State any four uses of total station. [6M]

(b) Draw a neat sketch of cross-section of National Highway. [4M]

5. (a) Draw flowchart of water treatment processes and state purpose of each unit. [4M]

(b) Compare the following : [6M]
(i) Overflow dam — Non overflow dam
(ii) Gravity darn — Earthen dam
(iii) Lined canal — Unlined canal.


6. (a) Calculate the per capita demand for a town of population 60,000 and availability of supply water in 50 lakhs m3 per year. [4M]

(b) Describe watershed management. What are the factors affecting it ? [6M]

7. (a) What do you understand by sustainable development ? State its importance in the present
context. [5M]

(b) Write short notes on NDT (Non Destructive Testing) instruments. [5M]


8. (a) Write short notes on [6M]
(i) Excavation equipments
(ii) Compaction equipments
(iii) Spectrophotometer.

(b) Explain the concept of green buildings. [4M]

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