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BE Power Generation Technologies-Engineering-PuneUniversity-Nov2019

S.E. (Electrical Engineering) (I Sem.) EXAMINATION, 2019
(2015 PATTERN)

Time: Two Hours                                                                                            Maximum Marks: 50
N.B.:— (i) Answer Q. No. 1 or Q. No. 2, Q. No. 3 or Q. No. 4,
Q. No. 5 or Q. No. 6, Q. No. 7 or Q. No. 8.
(ii) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(iii) Assume suitable data, if necessary.

1. (A) Explain Carnot cycle with PV and TS Diagram. [6]
(B) Explain coal handling system in thermal power plant with neat flow chart. [6]


2. (A) Explain working of Air-preheater and economiser in thermal power plant and show its location in layout. [6]
(B) With the help of diagram explain the diesel power plant. [6]

3. (A) Explain the following terms with sketches : [6]
(i) Water hammer
(ii) Surge tank
(iii) Spillways.
(B) Derive power in a wind and environmental impacts of Wind Turbines. [6]


4. (A) Explain hydrograph and flow duration curve with example. [6]
(B) Explain working of vertical type wind turbine with diagram. [6]

5. (A) Explain the process Biomass energy conversion. [6]
(B) Explain the Shading impacts on I-V curves of PV cells. [7]


6. (A) Explain the process of municipal solid waste to energy conversion with diagram. [6]
(B) With the help of diagram explain the main concept of solar thermal power plant. [7]

7. (A) Define the terms in the solar energy system : [6]
(i) Solar constant
(ii) Cloudy index
(iii) Concentration ratio.
(B) Explain grid-connected renewable systems and their requirements. [7]


8. (A) Explain the working of PV cell and Simplest Equivalent Circuit for a Photovoltaic Cell. [6]
(B) Describe the fuel cells. How are they used for energy storage requirements? [7]

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