LinkedIn Insight BSc.-Basic Biotechnology-I: Introduction to Biotechnology-Mumbai-November 2017 - Grad Plus

BSc.-Basic Biotechnology-I: Introduction to Biotechnology-Mumbai-November 2017


Subject: Basic Biotechnology-I: Introduction to Biotechnology

Semester: 1

[Total Time: 2½ Hours]
[Total Marks: 75 ]
Note: 1
Attempt all questions.
2 All questions carry equal marks.
3 Draw neat labelled diagrams wherever necessary.
4 For Q2, Q3 and Q 4 attempt A and B OR Cand D.

Q. 1) Do as directed: ( Any Fifteen) (15M)

1) Name one biotechnology company of Indian origin.

2) Name one rDNA product meant for human therapeutic use.

3) State true or false. : Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin.

4) Explain the term Biotechnology.

5) Name any one   Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology, established by the Government of India.

6) What is Green Biotechnology?

7)  Name any one traditional fermented product.

8) What is meant by GM food?

9) Name a bacterium used for plant transgenesis.

10) State true or false Cry protein disrupts the digestive process in insects.

11) Name a company involved in producing ‘Bt crops”.

12) Name a virus used for transfer of transgene to plants.

13) State the significance of GM tomato.

14) Give the significance of molecular Pharming.

15) What is food rheology?

16) Which is the starter culture used in production of ethanol.

17) Give an example of a  fungus used in fermentation technology.

18) Write anyone Stage of vinegar production.

19) Name any one method of food processing.

20) What is fermentation technology.


Q. 2) A) Discuss the policy initiatives taken by the Government of India to boost the growth of Biotechnology in the country. (8M)

Q. 2) B) Discuss Scope of Biotechnology. (7M)


Q. 2) C) Explain what is traditional Biotechnology with respect to modern Biotechnology. (8M)


Q. 2) D) Illustrate the interdisciplinary nature of Biotechnology with the help of a diagram. (7M)


Q. 3) A) Discuss edible vaccines and plantibodies. (8M)


Q. 3) B) Elaborate on ‘Intellectual Property Rights. (7M)


Q. 3) C) Discuss: Bt cotton. (8M)


Q. 3) D) Elaborate on transgenic plant genetically engineered to synthesize of beta carotene. (7M)


Q. 4) A) Using fermentation technology, Schemateically describes production of citric acid. (8M)


Q. 4) B) Discuss applications of Biotechnology in improvement of food quality. (7M)


Q. 4) C) Using fermentation technology, Schematically describe the production of any one enzyme studied by you. (8M)


Q  4) D) Discuss the role of microorganisms in food production. (7M)


Q.  5) Write Short notes on (Any Three) (15M)

a) Plant Biotechnology

b) Public perception of Biotechnology.

c) GM papaya.

d) Ethical issues associated with GM technology.

e) Causes of Food deterioration.







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