LinkedIn Insight BSc. Life Sciences -I: Physiology & Ecology-Mumbai-April 2017 - Grad Plus

BSc. Life Sciences -I: Physiology & Ecology-Mumbai-April 2017


Subject: Life Sciences -I: Physiology & Ecology

Semester: 2

[Total Time: 2 ½ hor.]
[Total Marks: 75]
Please check whether you have got the right question paper.
N.B. 1) Attempt all questions.
        2) All questions carry equal marks.
        3) Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.

Q. 1) Do as directed (any fifteen) (15M)

1) What is and ecosystem?

2) Name the process which carries out carbon dioxide fixation.

3) State one function of auxin.

4) Give significance of Hill’s reaction.

5) What is photorespiration?

6) Give the function of efferent renal article.

7) Name any one ion reabsorbed by the kidney.

8) State the to le of vitamin K in clotting.

9) State true or False: Human heart is four-chambered.

Define the following.

10) Commensalism

11) Food web

12) Nutrition

13) Blood pressure

14) Aerobic respiration.

Give one example of the following.

15) Parasitism

16) Nitrifying bacteria.

17) Plant which carry out C4 cycle.

Fill in the blanks.

18) _____________ is the only gaseous hydrocarbon hormone is plants.

19) Dark reactions of photosynthesis take place in ______________ of the chloroplast.

20) ______________ is the primary electron acceptor of photosystem II.

Q. 2) a) Discuss in detail about Clavin cycle. (8M)

b) Elaborate on structure and function of Photosystem. (7M)


c) Differentiate between C3 and C4 pathways. (8M)

d) discuss photosynthetic pigments and their functions. (7M)

Q. 3) a) Describe the physiology of Urine formation. (8M)

b) Discuss in detail about mechanism of respiration in man. (7M)


c) With a neat labeled diagram describes the structure of heart. (8M)

d) Describe various corpuscles in blood and give their functions. (7M)

Q. 4) a) Describe mutualism with suitable examples. (8M)

b)  Diagrammatically explains the biogeochemical cycle of sulfur. (7M)


c) What is a food chain? (8M)

d) Discuss in detail about water cycle in the environment. (7M)

Q. 5) Write short notes on any three of the following. (15M)

a) Biotic factors of ecosystem

b) Auxins

c) Types of ecological pyramids

d) Clotting of Blood

e) Alimentary canal and its functions.

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