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BSc.-Green Computing-Mumbai-April 2017


Green Computing

Semester : 2

(Time: ???????????? hours)
[Marks: 75]
Please check whether you have got the right question paper.
N. B.: (1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary and state the assumptions made.
(3) Answers to the same question must be written together.
(4) Numbers to the right indicate marks.
(5) Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.
(6) Use of a Non-programmable calculator is allowed.
Q. 1) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a)  Explain how green computing effect on cost-saving.

b) How hardware deployments can affect the environment?

c) What are the steps involved for Measuring of carbon footprint?

d) Describe the functions of Basel Action Network.

e) Mention the steps taken by CHINA in managing their own e-waste problem?

f)  What StEP stand for? Explain objectives of StEP.


Q. 2) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a)  Explain MAID and RAID.

b) How computer monitor settings save energy?

c) What is polling? Give example.

d) How to achieve proper humidity levels?

e) How to prevent Recirculation of Equipment Exhaust?

f) State the advantages of a custom centralized air-handling system.


Q. 3) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) What are the ways to control the use of water in organizations?

b) Which things are necessary for evaluating suppliers for their level of environmental responsibility?

c) Describe intranet? How to build it?

d) What is Telecommuting? Explain in brief.

e) Which things are needed to go paperless in the organization?

f) Write a note on PDA and Tablet PC.


Q. 4) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) List various ways to clean a hard drive. Explain any two.

b) Write a short note on refurbishing.

c) Give advantages and disadvantages of buying equipment.

d) Explain how remote desktop server is configured.

e) Explain Restriction of Hazardous Substances certification.

f) Define and explain the terms packaging and Toxins with respect to Hardware Considerations.


Q. 5) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) List and explain tools used for measuring and tracking our data.

b) What is the difference between Application Service Providers and Software as a Service?

c) Which area needs to be updated in an organization to reduce the amount of waste?

d) Explain characteristics of Software as a Service.

e) Describe the work of Chief Green Officer.

f) List and explain key strategies to review action plan.

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