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BSc.-Green Computing-Mumbai-April 2018


Semester : 2

Green Computing

(Time: 2 hours)
(Marks: 75)

N.B.1) All questions are compulsory
2) Nike stable assumptions wherever
necessary and state the assumptions made.
3) Answers to the same question must be written together.
4) Numbers to the right indicate marks
5) Deaww abeled diagrams wherever necessary .
6) Use of Non-prog
rammable calculator is allowed.

Q. 1) Attempt a t of the following: (15M)

a) List and explain the various toxins present in computer systems.

b) Whats carbon footprint? Briefly explain how to compute company’s carbon footprint?

c) Discuss about cost saving in power consumption by desktops and data centers,

d) Write a short note on United Nation’s Solving the E-waste Problem (STEP).

e) Discuss the European Union’s e-waste management WEEE and its RoHs directives.

f) Write a short note on Basel Action Network


Q. 2) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) Explain the features and hardware specification of NorhTec and Excito.

b) How can you minimize excessive power output from wireless devices?

c) Explain the ways of reducing power consumption in storage.

d) How to calculate cooling requirement of a system? Explain using suitable example.

e) Write a note on cooling optimization by data center design.

f) Explain any two best practices that can help optimize the airflow around servers and other networking equipment.


Q. 3) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a)  Briefly explain steps in setting up a telecommuting program.

b) Write a note on Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Plan.

c) List the tips to keep water usage under control. List the issues to prevent wasted Water.

d) Write a short note on intranet.

e) What is Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?

f) What are the advantages and obstacles in using EDI in an organization?


Q. 4) Attempt any three of the following: (15M)

a) What is refurbishing? What is commercial and non-commercial refurbishing?

b) Briefly explain the phases of a computer product’s life cycle.

c) How to clean a hard drive?

d) Write a note on energy star program for computers.

e) Explain benefits and features of blade server.

f) How to configure a remote desktop server?


Q. 5) Attempt any three of the following. (15M)

a) How BI tools and MS SQT. Server are useful in order to measure and track data?

b) Write a note on Customer Relationship Management. Explain its technology componentss.

c) What is Green Procurement ?

d) Write a note on SMART Goals.

e) Explain the role of Chief Green officer ?

f) What is baseline data, benchmarking and data analysis in equipment checkup.

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