LinkedIn Insight DLOC-II Digital Forensics -Mumbai University-Dec2019 - Grad Plus

DLOC-II Digital Forensics -Mumbai University-Dec2019


Subject: DLOC-II: Digital Forensics

Semester: 6

[Total Time: 3 Hours]
[Total Marks: 80 M]
Note: 1) Question number 1 is compulsory.

2) Attempt any THREE from remaining questions.

Q.1 a. What is Evidence? Explain the various types of digital evidence. [5M]

b. How are ethical hackers different than malicious hackers? [5M]

c. Explain importance of forensic duplication and its method. Also list some duplication
tools. [5M]

d. List and explain the various types of cybercrime [5M]

Q.2 a. List and Explain the different types of Evidence in digital forensics. [10M]

b. What is an Intrusion Detection System? Explain different types of Intrusion
Detection system. [10M]

Q.3 a. Explain volatile data collection procedure for windows system. [10M]

b. What is Incident Response? Explain Incident Response Methodology in detail. [10M]

Q.4 a. What are the steps involved in computer evidence handling? Explain in detail. [10M]

b. Explain RAID technique in detail [10M]

Q.5 a. Explain guidelines for incident report writing. Give one report writing example. [10M]

b. List various Digital forensic tools and explain any one tool with case study.[10M]

Q.6 a. Explain procedure to investigating routers [5M]

b. Explain the attacks on Network and its prevention. [5M]

c. What is Cyber-crime? What are the different roles of computer with respect to
cybercrime [5M]

d. Explain importance of Hashing in Forensics analysis. [5M]

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