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Embedded And Real-Time Operating System-Engineering-Pune University-Nov2019

B.E. (Computer Engineering)
(2015Pattern) (Semester II) (Elective – III) (END Sem.)

Time: 2½ Hours                                                                                                    Max. Marks:70
Instructions to the candidates:
1) Attempt Q.No. 1 or Q.No. 2; Q.No.3 or Q.No.4; Q.No.5, or Q.No. 6., Q.7,or Q.8, Q.9,
or Q.10, Q.11, or Q.12.
2) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
4) Assume suitable data, if necessary.
Q1) Explain block diagram of Embedded systems? [6]


Q2) Explain timing diagram of Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)? [6]

Q3) Explain the ZigBee protocol in detail? [6]


Q4) Explain register architecture of ARM? [6]

Q5) Explain Serial protocol RS-232C in detail with neat diagram? [8]


Q6) Write short notes on ISA and PCI? [8]

Q7) a) Explain Hard versus soft real-time systems and their timing constraints. [8]
b) Explain Latest – Release – Time (LRT)? [8]


Q8) a) Explain Precedence constraints and data dependency among real -time tasks. [8]
b) Explain Earliest- Deadline – First (EDF)? [8]

Q9) a) Explain shared data problem in interrupts handling? [8]
b) Explain semaphores message queues, mailboxes? [8]


Q10)a) Explain priority inversion with neat diagram? [8]
b) Explain with example Interrupts enabling and disabling in embedded system? [8]

Q11)a) Explain Architecture and design of an embedded system? [9]
b) Write short notes on Microc/OS -II, Windows CE? [9]


Q12)a) Write short notes on RT Linux, Vx Works? [9]
b) Explain Validation and debugging of embedded systems? [9]

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