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Microbiology and virology- Biochemistry-BSC-Nagpur-Summer-2019

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Semester-I Examination
BIO-CHEMISTRY (Microbiology and Virology)

Optional Paper—1
Time : 3 Hours
Maximum Marks : 50

N.B. :— (1) All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.
(2) Draw well labelled diagram wherever necessary.

1. With a well labelled ray diagram explain the principle and working of electron microscope in
detail. [10M]


Describe the following :

(a) Concept of immunization [5M]

(b) Germ theory of diseases. [5M]

2. Give a detailed account of lytic cycle. [10M]


Describe the principle and technique of acid fast staining. [10M]

3. Describe in detail cell wall structure of Gm +ve and Gm –ve bacteria. [10M]


In detail describe endospore structure and its formation. [10M]

4. In detail describe growth curve and its various phases. [10M]


Describe the following :

(a) Chemostat [5M]

(b) Turbidostat [5M]

5. Solve any ten :

(i) What is numerical aperture ? [1M]

(ii) What is resolving power ?[1M]

(iii) What is fermentation ?[1M]

(iv) What is simple staining ?[1M]

(v) Give one example of ds RNA virus.[1M]

(vi) What is lysogeny ?[1M]

(vii) Mention one difference between slime layer and capsule.[1M]

(viii) What is an episome ?[1M]

(ix) What is a plasmid ?[1M]

(x) What is generation time ?[1M]

(xi) What are mesophiles ?[1M]

(xii) What is growth rate ?[1M]

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