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Microbiology & Immunology- Biochemistry-BSC-Nagpur-Summer-2019

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Semester-2 Examination
BIO-CHEMISTRY (Microbiology & Immunology)

Optional Paper—1
Time : 3 Hours
Maximum Marks : 50

N.B. :— (1) All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.
(2) Draw well labelled diagram wherever necessary.

1. What are the basic nutritional requirements needed for bacterial growth in a culture medium ? [10M]


What are enrichment cultures ? How can we use an enrichment culture media to isolate a particular
bacteria ? Explain using example. [10M]

2. Write notes on :

(a) Factors influencing anti microbial activity. [5M]

(b) Mechanism of cell injury. [5M]


(c) Antibiotics and its uses. [5M]

(d) Standardization of disinfectants. [5M]

3. Write notes on :

(a) Bone marrow. [2½M]

(b) Active and passive immunity. [2½M]

(c) Antigen and Antibody reaction. [2½M]

(d) Functions of antibody. [2½M]


Describe the general properties of different types of antibodies. [10M]

4. What is complement system ? How does it get activated ? [10M]


Write notes on :

(a) Clonal selection theory. [5M]

(b) Hybridoma technology. [5M]

5. Answer any ten questions from the following :

(i) What are the components of nutrient agar medium ?[1M]

(ii) What are phototrophs ?[1M]

(iii) What is a differential medium ?[1M]

(iv) Define sanitizer.[1M]

(v) What is meant by oligodynamic action of metals ?[1M]

(vi) Name one metal having antimicrobial activity.[1M]

(vii) Why is Bone marrow important for immune system ?[1M]

(viii) Expand the term MHC.[1M]

(ix) Tc-cell recognizes which class of MHC molecules ?[1M]

(x) What are monoclonal antibodies ?[1M]

(xi) Which complement pathway is activated by antibodies ?[1M]

(xii) Which cells give humoral immunity ? [1M]

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