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Pteridophyta and Gymnosperms-Botany-BSC-Nagpur-Summer-2019

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Semester—2 Examination
BOTANY (Pteridophyta and Gymnosperms)

Optional Paper—1
Time : 3 Hours
Maximum Marks : 50

N.B. :— (1) All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.
(2) Draw well labelled diagram wherever necessary.

1. Write on :

(a) General characters of Lycopsida and Sphenopsida [5M]

(b) Rhynia. [5M]


Write short notes on :

(c) Classification of Pteridophytes [2½M]

(d) L.S. Strobilus of Selaginella (Diagram only) [2½M]

(e) T.S. Selaginella rhizophore (Diagram only) [2½M]

(f) Male gametophyte of Selaginella. [2½M]

2. Write on :

(a) Heterospory and seed habit [5M]

(b) T.S. stem of Equisetum through internode. [5M]


Write short notes on :

(c) T.S. Strobilus of Equisetum [2½M]

(d) Apospory [2½M]

(e) T.S. root of Equisetum (Diagram only) [2½M]

(f) Dictyostele. [2½M]

3. Write on :

(a) General characters of Gymnosperms [5M]

(b) L.S. of Cycas ovule. [5M]


Write short notes on :

(c) Economic importance of Gymnosperms [2½M]

(d) T.S. Coralloid root of Cycas (Diagram only) [2½M]

(e) T.S. rachis of Cycas (Diagram only) [2½M]

(f) Megasporophyll of Cycas. [2½M]

4. Write on :

(a) T.S. Pinus stem [5M]

(b) Cycadeoidea flower. [5M]


Write short notes on :

(c) T.S. Pinus needle (Diagram only) [2½M]

(d) T.L.S. stem of Pinus. [2½M]

(e) L.S. male cone of Pinus (Diagram only) [2½M]

(f) T.S. Cycadeoidea Stem. [2½M]

5. Write in 2 or 3 lines (any TEN). Diagrams are not necessary :

(a) Glossopodium

(b) Pteropsida

(c) Trabeculae

(d) Apogamy

(e) Protostele

(f) Homosporous Pteridophyte

(g) Canada balsam

(h) Algal zone

(i) Bulbil

(j) Winged pollen grain

(k) Ovuliferous scale

(l) Dwarf shoot.    [10M]

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