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Elements of Civil Engineering-Engineering-Aurangabad University-Summer2017


F. E. (All) (CGPA) Examination May/June 2017
Basic Civil Engineering

[Time: Two Hours]
Please check whether you have got the right question paper.
N.B i)Question No.1 is compulsory.
ii)Attempt any two questions from the remaining questions.
iii)Draw neat sketches wherever necessary.
iv)Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Q.1 Answer the following (Any five) [10]
i)Define FSI and Carpet area.
ii) Enlist the properties of comment.
iii)What are the loads coming on the structures?
iv)What are the objectives of surveying?
v)Define Fore bearing and back bearing.
vi)What is Domestic Water demand.
vii)Enlist the population forecasting methods.
viii)What is necessity of Irrigation.

Q.2 a)What are the points to be considered for selection of site for residential building. [07]

b)Explain the technical terms used in stair along with a neat sketch. [08]

Q.3 a)Define foundation and explain in detail functions of foundation. [07]

b)Draw a neat labelled sketch of c/s of road in embarkment. [08]

Q.4 a)Give Comparison between WCB and RB system along with neat sketch. [05]

b)The following consecutive readings were taken with a dumpy level and 4m leveling staff on a continuously sloping ground. [10]
1.625, 1.820, 1.995, 2.005,1.720, 1.980, 2.150, 2.320, 2.455, 2.500
The instrument was shifted after taking 5th and 7th reading. Calculate Reduced levels of all points. If RL of BM is 131.700m. Use H.I method. Give Arithmetical Check.

Q.5 a)Find the population of a city after One, two and three decades from the last known decade by Geometric increase method. Refer data from table.1 [07]

b) Explain roof top rainwater harvesting along with neat sketch. [08]

Year 1950  1960 1970 1980 1990
Population 26000  29000  35000  43000  48000

Table:1 [Q.No.5a)]

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